Still On Vacation… BUT…

I’m still officially on vacation until January 2nd but thought I would pop in and write a disorganized quickie…

Quick question concerning one of my favorite subjects. Do you think someone should come up with some kind of “Razzie” type award for “progressive” bloggers who just get it wrong? Case in point: Over at OpEd News, Stephen Lendman writes…

… with the president’s approval rating plunging as low as 28% in some independent polls and a growing number of people in the country demanding his impeachment and removal from office.

It’s not likely from the new Democrat-led Congress arriving in January, as their DLC leadership took it off the table…

May I remind Lenderman that Nancy Pelosi, NOT the DLC, uttered the famous line about impeachment being off the table? So you have to wonder if he intentionally lied or if he drinks from the Kos-Sirota-Huffington Kool-aid fountain of “progressive” propoganda.

Lately “OpEd News,” a contradiction in terms if there ever was one, has become obsessed with the Democratic Leadership Council. But if there really is so much negative to say about the DLC, as “progressive” bloggers believe, why do they have to make stuff up?

But just in case someone from OpEd News is reading this, I’ll take you and my 10 readers on a trip down memory lane…

Back when OpEd News ran an article titled “The DLC Sucks,” the DLC ran an article titled “Fulfilling The American Dream.”

While OpEd News was admonishing their readers to “Shun the DLC Shills,” the DLC was advising the world to “Divest From Sudan to Help Darfur.”

OpEd News provided us with a wonderfulling inspiring article called “DLC Golden Boy Casey French Kisses Alito” and the DLC presented us with a piece called “Break the Stalemate on Stem-Cell Research.”

Now any serious person with a political mindset would prefer the DLC’s articles over the juvenile “DLC sucks” ramblings of OpEd News. But, of course, you have to understand the target audience of OpEd News…

Quotes! We Got Quotes!

Deep DenialRob Kall at OpEd News warns Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid about “centrist bullshit.” He believes they’re just acting “strategically,” perhaps just waiting for the right time to usher in the glorious “progressive” revolution.

Make Up Your Mind… “The preferred candidate (for President) of Al From and the DLC is Hillary Clinton…” “Al From, famously from the DLC group of insiders has, been urging (Michael) Bloomberg to run (for President) as an indie.”

I wanna Raq! “While America’s Iraq War will soon eclipse the length of World War II, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the issue that dominated the 2004 and 2006 elections may well also be the one on which the 2008 presidential campaign turns…” “The Iraq war will certainly be a greatly diminished issue by (2008), and the other war – the Culture War – will return to prominence.”


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