Cindy Sheehan: Circus Side Show Jumps The Shark

As the old movie line goes, Cindy Sheehan could have been a contender. Her touching story, the woman who stood up to a President for the love of her son, would have made a perfect Lifetime or Hallmark Family movie. But she let her cause get hijacked by various fringe left groups and it became much more than it originally was. It became a parody of something good and decent. Because Cindy Sheehan, in disrupting a Democratic press conference on ethics reform yesterday, became the proverbial dog who bit the hand that at least partially fed her.

The Democratic party, out of power for 12 years, was to begin a sweeping first 100 hour marathon of legislation and the before mentioned press conference was helping kick it off. The Democratic party, who themselves have plans to create policies to end the debacle in Iraq, just aren’t being fast enough for Sheehan after being in control of Congress for mere hours. Isn’t it time, though, that the left call a spade a spade? Sheehan is no hero. At the very least, she appears to want to “Gore” the Democrats, to play spoiler in true Nader-like fashion. Will she follow us from press conference to press conference as we lay out our plans on the economy, Iraq, ethics, and education and heckle us like some cheap comedy club whore? Not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, eh Ralph, uh… I mean Cindy?

But at least the curtains are closing on her tired act and I can truthfully say I’ve never been a fan nor have any centrist Democrats I know of. Her anti-semitism, her threats to run against Democrats for political office, her support for third party candidates, her calls for the National Guard to leave “occupied New Orleans” after Hurrican Katrina, and her condemnation of the Afghanistan invasion are just some of the reasons Sheehan, like a once worthwhile TV show that keeps hanging on for one more season, has finally jumped the shark.

Hopefully the few real Democrats that have supported her will now finally cancel her sitcom, too.


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