I want you to watch this video before you read the rest of this post. Don’t worry. I’ll wait…

Sad? Yes. I’ve been a proponent of intervention in Darfur for some time now. Military intervention. If I had my way, those committing the atrocities there would be wiped out by the full force of the United States military. People talk about leaving Iraq and redeploying some of the troops elsewhere? Put Darfur on that list.

It occurred to me last night, though, that the issue doesn’t get a lot of play in the “progressive” blogosphere and online communities. Threads on the topic often sink like a stone on such “progressive” outlets like Democratic Underground. And while the topic does get some play on liberal blogs like DailyKos, MyDD, and Firedoglake, it is conspicuously missing as a permanent reminder on their front pages.

But to be fair, the subject is also largely ignored by most stations on the left. Like the progressive blogs, It does get attention from moderate/centrist outlets but isn’t treated as paramount. With the exception of the DLC and Wes Clark, no mainstream Democrats have given Darfur the attention it deserves. This is very disturbing because the genocide there should be a liberal cause. It should be a rallying cry among Democrats of all stripes. If our military has had one single noble moment in time, it was the defeat of Nazi Germany. Whatever happened to the post-Holocaust mantra “Never Again?”

The time for hemming and hawing is over. The time for action is now. If the blogosphere wants an issue to unite behind, this is it. Let’s make a real difference. I challenge all bloggers to do so.


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