FireDogLake: That dog won’t hunt!

Here’s one from the “I Missed It!” Department. Michael van der Galien at The Moderate Voice points out the arrogance of “progressive” bloggers in regards to the attitude on centrists and centrism. He quotes Jane Hamsher from Firedoglake, a popular “progressive” blog:

Those “centrists,” the people who can be convinced to swing Democratic in one election and Republican in the next, who don’t make up their minds until the night before an election or just run in the voting booth and pull all the top levers are probably not engaged in the political dialog to the point that they will want to “interact” with those who bring them their news. They might be stupid, apathetic or working three McJobs just to make ends meet but they’re probably not going want to spend their leisure time shootin’ the shit with VandeHei. People who are engaged political junkies tend to have strong opinions and they want to interact online with others who are like minded.

Lots I could say about that. But Michael van der Galien takes her to taks just fine, saving me the trouble:

The parapraph I quoted above portrays an unbelievable amount of arrogance. Seemingly, Hamsher believes that “centrists” are stupid and / or poor and, as such, not interested in politics. She should, for a change, try to read centrist blogs on a daily basis. The articles posted at such blogs and the comments left by readers might, perhaps, teach Hamsher a valuable lesson: centrists are centrists because they realize that the left and right harbor too many extremes and because they realize that ‘[to] compromise’ is not a dirty word.

Of course, that would require Hamsher to do a lot of thinking… we cannot possibly expect her to do that since doing so would be contrary to her nature.

Perhaps her article was a slip of the tongue, or better, fingers. Perhaps she was still so incredibly thrilled that she brought Ned Lamont to great success as the new Senator of… o, wait, she and her buddies failed miserably on that one.

Anyhow, some advice for Jane: please refrain from giving your opinion about centrists. Just do what you always do: repeat the talking points of the far left and demonize everyone who disagrees with you. After all, it’s what you do best.


2 Responses to FireDogLake: That dog won’t hunt!

  1. SaveElmer says:

    Well this just demonstrates yet again the arrogance that is characteristic of extremists no matter the political stripe. It is characterized by an unswerving belief that the positions they hold on issues are the only correct ones, and that anyone (other than a few chosen ones) who disagrees with them even the slightest is deemed to be an enemy.

    It manifests itself as an arrogance that seeks to belittle and demean those who they deem to be their enemies.

    We have just endured 6 years of right wing extremists being in a position of power. I hope the Democratic Party does not do the same with its own extreme wing. That would be a recipe for disaster!!!

  2. Gary says:

    Yeah, I know all about Hamsher and her utter racism as well. Dressing up Joe Lieberman in blackface was the ultimate insult, but not only did she not apologize for it, her buddies at Huffington Post actually condoned it. Hamsher is a hater, pure and simple. Not only did her boy toy, Ned Lamont get crushed, she is also incapable of realizing fact when she hears it. Chalk it up to good old fashion liberal thinking. Old, stale, out of touch, and just plain wrong.

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