Don’t Be A Comedian!

Typical netroots-style article at Op-ed news. Following their tried and true formula, the writer submits factually inaccurate bits of information before arriving at his conclusion, which he naturally presents as fact.

if you’re a progressive, the kiss of death acronym is the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council), since dead enders like James Carville (with his D- record in election success) is already criticizing a meta politician like Howard Dean (who gets an A+ in election success).

Sounds good to the uneducated. But the fact is James Carville, in spite of his big mouth (or maybe because of it), was instrumental in putting the Democratic party’s only twice elected President in 60 years in office. On the national level, Howard Dean has yet to win anything. His presidential campaign was a washout, and the only people who give him an ounce of credit for our recent House and Senate wins are people like those that wrote the piece in question for Op-ed News.

Millions of liberal and moderate Americans have suddenly realized that we have TWO enemies here:

(l.) fascist Bush Republicans, and

(2.) fascist DLC type Democrats

I seriously doubt “millions of Americans” think Bush Republicans are the enemy. But that isn’t the most dubious claim here. The BIG lie is the “fascist DLC type Democrats” line.

For starters, it is doubtful millions of Americans know who or what the DLC is. But they sure know names attached to them. So let’s imagine you, dear reader, go to any Democratic party meeting and spout the trash “fascist DLC type Democrats” are our enemy. THEN you start rattling off the list of those in that organization that we are supposed to deplore.

Naturally, you start with Bill and Hillary Clinton. You might move on to John Kerry. You could mention former senators Max Cleland, John Edwards, and Sam Nunn.

By now, the crowd at the meeting is staring at you like you have a few screws loose. So you continue.

You rattle off all 16 new House members just elected. All new DLC members. All the enemy.

And you suddenly realize the room is laughing at you hysterically. You thrust your fist in the air and say something revolutionary. They laugh harder. You unzip your jacket, revealing your black Che shirt, as though that will bolster your “progressive” credentials. Then you see the party chair approaching to usher you off the stage, all the while explaining to the crowd that he did not mean to hire a comedian as a speaker.

So off you go, back to your blog, where you immediately declare the Democrats at that meeting the enemy, also.

Get the picture? I don’t really want to shift through the rest of the piece with you. The Marxist-like memme gets tedious after you’ve read it a hundred times.

In reality, 2006 saw an embrace of DLC-style centrism, as indicated by the Senate results in Montana and Virginia, as well as the above mentioned 16 new House New Democrat Coalition members. In a recent speech, Bill Clinton stated the voters didn’t give the Democrats a mandate, they gave us a chance. And as Newsweek said this week, all that is clear so far is “the chance” will inevitably take centrist form. Just as every Republican candidate has for decades been required to describe himself as a conservative, every Democratic candidate in 2008 will don the Clintonesque cloak of moderation. It’s a vindication of Clinton’s “Third Way” presidency.


Here’s an op-ed from the Denver Post by Fred Brown that is actually worth your valuable time:

After the 2004 election, a number of hard-line Democrats complained they’d never win again unless the party “returned to its base.”

Go left, in other words. Democrats should stop trying to act like Republicans, the argument went. To heck with the Clintonesque “third way”; forget moderation and accommodation.

Now we’re hearing similar noise from the right. The Republicans have taken “a thumpin’,” as the president articulated it, in the 2006 elections. And so now there’s a clamor, offstage right, to take a harder line.

Colorado’s own James Dobson says Republicans have betrayed “values voters,” and those voters “are not going to carry the water for the Republican Party if it ignores their deeply held convictions and beliefs.”

The message is virtually the same. Beware bipartisanship! Moderation is abomination!

… In its post-election analysis, the centrist Democratic Leadership Council said Democrats should exercise self-restraint and avoid the temptation to gloat. They won’t hold their majority, the DLC said, “by insisting on ideological unity and ignoring parts of the country or parts of the party – e.g., “red states” – that call for a more diverse and inclusive message.”

In short, stick to the middle of the road or risk driving into a ditch. more


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