Over Half of Newly Elected House Dems Join DLC

The New York Times reported yesterday:

About half the incoming Democratic freshmen are already planning on joining the New Democrat Coalition — a generally centrist group that emphasizes economic competitiveness and national security issues. They include Ed Perlmutter of Colorado, a former state senator who had a legislative reputation for working with Republicans; Michael A. Arcuri of upstate New York, a seasoned district attorney; and Tim Mahoney, the Florida businessman who won the seat that the Republican representative Mark Foley resigned because of the Congressional page scandal.

The Reporter gives more details:

Locally, 10th District Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Solano, and 7th District Rep. George Miller, D-Solano, both incumbents, won decisive victories in constituencies that include parts of other counties in addition to Solano.

Tauscher’s camp released a statement Wednesday noting that the ranks of the New Democrat Coalition (DLC), which the congresswoman chairs, are expected to grow from 47 to 62 members.

In her statement, Tauscher said that Americans sent an unmistakable message on election night.

“They want leaders who will fight for pragmatic policies that improve their lives, whether the issue is Iraq, health care or anything in between.”

exploding-head-thumb.jpgJust a reminder: The Democratic party won 29 House seats to win control of the House. 15 of them, over half, have joined the DLC. 9 joined the conservative Blue Dog Coalition. How are the netroots reacting to this? Well, they’re in denial.

The DLC has never been a more dead commodity than it is today.
Booman Tribune

There’s a reason that the DLC has lost just about all influence in DC. It’s because they have no natural constituency other than their corporate masters.DailyKOS

The Democratic Party, stuck in DC with the likes of the DLC whispering in its ear, had lost touch with the rest of the country.Blueollie

It’s over for the DLC, and they refuse to face that fact as stubbornly as Bush refuses to face the fact that his war is lost…
Brilliant at Breakfast

…the DC DLC crowd showed that they’re not really in touch with voters.twin city sidewalks

You get the picture, right? A dead commodity. It’s over for the DLC. Blah blah blah. Yet, back in the real world, the DLC wins over half the seats the Democrats picked up. Makes you wonder what meds the netroots are taking.


5 Responses to Over Half of Newly Elected House Dems Join DLC

  1. ollie says:

    Hi. Thanks for including a link to my blog (blueollie). Of course, I’d like people to know that the quote that is on my blog was from another source; the point of my post was to point out that we haven’t even had our new congress sworn in and we are already fighting among ourselves.

    Personally, I think it is simplistic to think that “liberals” or “centerists” are responsible for this past outcome.

    It was a combination of things, including Republican ineptness and people yearning for a new direction.

    And yes, our economic populist message seemed to sell well.

    I’d also like to point out that Webb recieved a great deal of support from places like the Daily Kos; he even had a diary there.

    As far as the DLC goes: my only real beef with them was their stance on the Iraq war. As far as I am concerned, that war was totally wrong from its inception.

    I subscribe to Blueprint magazine; mostly it is ok.

    I admit that most of the DLC types are too consevative for my tastes, while admitting that I am somewhat left of mainstream.


    ps: I like your site!

  2. Joey says:

    Well, I hope my modest blog provided you with one or two extra hits. With so many blogs around, getting any traffic of consequence is a difficult task.

    As for it being “simplistic to think that ‘liberals’ or ‘centerists’ are responsible for this past outcome, I don’t agree. There are several key trends and facts that can’t be ignored:

    1. Poll after poll suggests the American people are a bit weary of the partisan shrillness in Washington.

    2. Two polls last year showed Democrats wanted their leaders to take a more moderat approach to issues and be more willing to compromise with the opposition in the spirit of progress.

    3. Democrats won the independent vote who have gone the GOP’s way in the last three election cycles.

    A populist economic message is always a winner in a political climate where the people have suffered from the opposite.

    I believe Jim Webb won in spite of DailyKOS, and that that online community hurt more than helped. I say this, not based on any statistical evidence, but rather because of KOS’s prior electoral track record.

    Finally, I apologize for attributing a quote on your blog to you. However, looking back at your blog, you do have quotes galore from folks like KOS making claims the DLC has “lost all influence in Washington.”

    The DLC has possibly picked up four more new House members this week, raising their total new Congressmen members in this election cycle to 19. So saying they’ve lost influence simply isn’t grounded in reality. They are now the second (perhaps even the first) largest coalition in the House.

  3. ollie says:

    As far as Jim Webb, you might check out the Daily Kos. He posted 8 diaries there, including some live blogging sessions where he answered our questions.


    I can’t say how much money he raised from the Kos, but I can say that he raised some.

    Also, Tester was popular there as well.

    But, admittedly, the DLC is very unpopular there, even if Bill Clinton IS! (he is called “The Big Dog” in those parts)

    I just hope that we (liberals and moderates) can work together, even if we don’t agree on 100% of the issues.



  4. ollie says:

    ps to above:

    I mean to say that Bill Clinton is popular at the Kos.


  5. Joey says:

    If anyone wants to see if Webb and Tester really fit the KOS profile, check my recent post “Who Am I?”

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