Live Election Blogging

So here I am on my couch. MSNBC has a host of talking heads bantering on about tomorrow’s election. My wife says I’m wearing a poker-face, not revealing my emotions as Keith Olbermann gives a rundown of the Senate and House races that are in play. Do I think we’ll win? Yes. In fact, I haven’t felt a buzz like this in Democratic circles since 1992 when Bill Clinton slammed the door on Reaganism. Still, I can’t help but feel a little cautious, especially after the injustice of 2000 (I still call Al Gore “President,) and the questionable call in Ohio in 2004. In fact, Olbermann is now detailing how the GOP is placing dozens of “robocalls” to the same people, one after the other, hoping to annoy them into not voting.

Here’s how it works: Your phone rings. You hear a brief intro that makes it sound like it’s from a Democratic campaign and then a pause before the full recorded message. If you hang up at the pause, it calls you back up to a dozen times. The idea is that people will get annoyed enough at the Democratic candidate not to vote. Democrats say they’ll sue the RNC for violating the laws governing “Do not call” lists in the various states in question.

This is but one of many weapons in the GOP’s arsenal of dirty tricks. Read more here.

Democrats have sent a cease and desist letter to Don McGahn, General Counsel of the National Republican Campaign Committee.

Democrats are projected to win 19 to 30 House seats and 4 to 6 Senate seats.


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