Who Is Behind Heyjohn.org?

If you haven’t been visiting the netroots lately, you may be surprised to learn that “progressives” have been doing some research and have discovered Democrats running unopposed in Congressional districts are sitting on a combined $26,288,418. The point in this revelation is DCCC chair Rahm Emanuel shouldn’t be asking DNC chair Howard Dean for anymore money to win the November elections while Democratic congressmen have such a large surplus. On the surface, they have a point. The cash on hand is a huge asset if it could be utilized. But the point being missed is those funds were contributed to each of those individual candidates and many would take offense at it being doled out. Some already have at the very idea.

Now comes HeyJohn.org, an anonymous site calling for John Kerry to turn loose millions of dollars he has left over from his presidential run. Same reasoning from these folks as from the Kos crowd in the article quoted above – he has all that money, so he should give it to other candidates.

There is even a difference of opinion, or different interpretations of the facts, or when this election cycle began, combining to make this a real interesting dust-up among the left leaning blogs. I’m not going to cover all the details. I’m sure you’ve already read them.

The only difference, in my opinion, is that the researcher on dKos used his name. The heyjohn.org folks did not. But the purpose is identical – shame Democrats who have extra money into giving it to the DCCC or DSCC or individual candidates.

But who benefits if Kerry and the congressional candidates cough up their money?

The DSCC? The DCCC? Well, sure, but…

Traditionally, the DNC has supplemented the two congressional campaign committees. This year, Howard Dean had to be berated by Charles Schumer and Rahm Emanuel before he begrudgingly gave some cash.

Why? Because he is intent on his 50 State Strategy and his hardcore supporters are convinced that this strategy will somehow empower the “grassroots.” (nevermind that conservative
voters in red states who turn away from the GOP will NEVER be “progressives.”)

In addition, these Dean supporters are terrified that Dean, even though he has all but neglected the midterm efforts, won’t get the credit should we win the midterms in two weeks. On the one hand, they’re 100% loyal to Dean’s strategy that by it’s very definition is anti-battleground state and district oriented, yet they insist it is him who has put us in this
position to win.

So, if people like Kerry and Clinton and congressional candidates give up the bucks, Dean
and the DNC won’t have to.

I’m not saying Dean or the DNC is behind the heyjohn website, but they do stand to benefit from it should it succeed in it’s purpose. I believe that whoever is running the site have a misguided notion they’re doing it for Howard Dean.

13 days left, folks. 13 days…


One Response to Who Is Behind Heyjohn.org?

  1. Gunner says:

    The problem as I see it is that everyone wants the credit. Win some seats get the blue color flowing again in the halls of congress. Voters dont care who did it. Most folks never heard of Karl Rove and rightly so. Get outta the spotlight and into the trenches I say to the folks with the cash.

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