What Democrats Would Do… And Other Morning Observations

Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post offers up a primer of the Democratic agenda should we win in November. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • raising the minimum wage.
  • repealing the Medicare legislation that forbids the government from negotiating with drug companies for lower prices.
  • replenishing student loan programs.
  • funding stem cell research.
  • implementing those recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission that have thus far languished.

Think the Republicans are the experts on fighting Islamic terrorism? You may not anymore after reading this.

Look Out For Party Switchers! Del Ali from Political Wire says:

There is a realistic possibility that if the Democrats pick up at least five Senate seats on Election Night, several current Republican Senators could switch to the Democratic side of the aisle. Remember, (Richard) Shelby switched because he felt Democrats were incapable of moving away from liberalism and Ben Campbell switched because he felt Democrats were beholden to cronyism and did not respect other views among colleagues on issues important to Campbell. In 2006, cronyism is alive and well in the GOP ranks: Arlen Specter is shunned by the GOP leadership and White House for his views on domestic surveillance while Olympia Snowe, John Warner and Chuck Hagel are shunned for their views on Iraq.

In California, a nonpartisan political association has formed in response, organizers said, to a growing feeling among voters that their priorities and concerns aren’t being properly met by their elected officials.

The organization, the California Association of Political Centrists, which is chaired by Leslie Cornejo, believes the current government structure is dominated by extremists in the major political parties and by legislators in safe elective seats who are not sufficiently accountable for their actions. CAPC is dedicated to supporting candidates and legislation that provide reasonable and pragmatic solutions to issues facing Californians, its organizers say.

“Clearly there are many Californians that are frustrated by the excessively partisan battles over issues that affect all our lives,” says a news release by Cornejo, who lost her position as chairwoman of the Republican Central Committee of Ventura County earlier this year. “We’ve nearly lost all civility and reason in politics.

Now the centrist Republicans, the centrist Democrats and many decline-to-state voters have an association for cooperation and information, and have the numbers to ultimately dominate politics in California.” link


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