DonkeyDigest – Time Traveler?

Have I traveled 23 days into the future, to November 8, and brought back these articles? From the NY Times:

Congressional Republicans, stunned by Democratic resurgence in midterm elections, disagree over who is to blame for their failure… soul-searching and recriminations–and possibility of Congressional leadership challenges–come as election results show that Republicans have been unable to increase their 55-to-45-vote margin in Senate and that Democrats have picked up… seats in the House…

… and this from the Charlotte Observer:

Buoyed by a stunning midterm election showing, Democrats insisted Wednesday that Congress… turn to an agenda…

The Dallas Morning News

A day after Democrats surprised them at the polls, Republicans beat each other up Wednesday looking for a culprit in the midterm elections for Congress. “We did not have a sharp edge to our issues,” said Rep. John Linder of Georgia, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “We had candidates out there talking about a variety of things, but no clear message.”

Finally, a letter to the editor from the NY Times:

Republicans lost because they have no backbone. They speak out privately, but as a party, they have no conviction. They have no leader. They have no uniform voice. They are fragmented. The conservative right wing stands for life, local government control, good education, less government spending and other issues that restore worth, value and respect to the people, not to government. The Republicans abandoned these issues and lost. Blame them for leaving the foundation of decent moral leadership; don’t blame the conservative right wing. – KEN BABINGTON
Cocoa Beach, Fla., Nov. 5, 1998

All of these are actual article snippets, quoted from the exact Newspapers named, from the fist week in November… 1998.

That year, in a growing backlash against the looming impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton, Republicans failed to build on their Senate majority and lost seats in the House. The ensuing finger pointing by the GOP over who would get the blame for the disappointing election would eventually cost House Speaker Newt Gingrich his job.

2006 is not really that different. Although the elections are still three weeks off, Republicans are already pointing fingers at each other. Some in the GOP are privately pointing to lackluster efforts by NRSC Chairwoman Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Reynolds of New York, compared with the mad-dog intensity of their Democratic counterparts, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois. link

Reynolds and Emanuel have to opportunity have a friendly discussion on the matter when they both speak at the National Press Club Wednesday.

Dueling Quotes:

What do you guys think of Rahm Emmanuel? I think this prick may cost us the 2006 elections. He’s too busy getting magazines to write how great he is. How “hard” his balls are. Lining up his friends to say how great he is. I have lived by a simple philosophy taught to me by my dad: “If you have to tell people how great you are, you can’t be very great.” What pisses me off most about Emmanuel is that he just doesn’t seem to get it. He goes around saying how “successful” the Dems were in 1992, 1996 and 1998 because Clinton was an “agent for change.” OH FUCKING REALLY?Leftist Nobody writing yet more fiction from the outer fringes of the party.

This election will swing on a number of different factors, but all of the success that we have will be attributable to Rahm (Emanuel)Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives.

But what is this? Political Wire points to BBC reporter Justin Webb’s blog where he says:

… a couple of Republican politicos I have talked to have mentioned an internal document which suggests that the Republican party has now given up on 12 of the in-play midterm congressional seats… Apparently the name of the candidate in each ‘lost’ seat has a G next to it – as in Gone. Of course it isn’t that they want to bin these fine men and women — they just cannot afford the advertising necessary to keep them in play. In other words, this is an economic rather than a political decision.



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