Meet The New Recipe, Same As The Old Recipe

Harold Meyerson has stumbled upon The Democrats’ recipe for success this year: Despite the contention of the left that if we just run “progressive” candidates everywhere people will magically change their minds ideologically and vote for them, Democrats now have candidates who have actually found common ground with the electorate in their respective states and districts. Meyerson offers up three examples:

Go online and take a look at Jon Tester, the Montana populist who will surely oust incumbent Republican Senator Conrad Burns. Tester is not only a gun-totin’ cowboy who opposes the Patriot Act on libertarian grounds; he’s also the first Democratic candidate I can recall who looks like Homer Simpson. He’ll also vote to preserve Social Security, promote alternative energy and resist Wall Street’s vision of free trade.

Or consider Harold Ford, the young, black Democratic congressman from Memphis who is likely to be elected to the Tennessee Senate seat currently occupied by Bill Frist (who is leaving the Senate under the clinical delusion that he can run for president and win votes from actual people). I’ve seen Ford on the stump in the suburbs of Nashville, and he is easily the best campaigner in American politics since that Clinton feller — perhaps because you have to be a good campaigner to win statewide as a Democrat (much less a black Democrat) in the South. I’ve seen Ford talk to a diner full of white Republicans and win over a number of them by some mysterious combination of energy, delivery, substance (against the Dubai port deal), looks, old-fashioned good manners and persistence. Ford is running as a young, hip, alt-energy, religious-traditionalist, nationalist, Wall Street–friendly, anti-Bush neohawk, or something like that…

The genuine liberal in a key race this November is Ohio Senate candidate Sherrod Brown, who holds a narrow lead over incumbent Republican Mike DeWine, and who’s as articulate a spokesman for both social and economic liberalism as the Democrats have had in some time. Add ’em all up, these Democratic challengers likely to win, and you have a Democratic Senate delegation that will be more populist economically and more centrist culturally than the one now in office.

Hey… doesn’t that sound like the OLD Democrats’ recipe for success?

Norm King, who is running for Mayor in West Linn, Oregon, lists Independent Nation: How Centrism Can Change American Politics by John P. Avalon as his last book read. Good choice.

I think the GOP is trying to convince themselves and everyone else that Rahm Emanuel is responsible for exposing Mark Foley. They’re focusing on what they believe was an evasive answer by Emanuel Sunday on ABC’s This Week. Here’s the latest:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, came out with an evasive denial Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” When asked if he or his staff knew anything about the e-mails before the story broke, Mr. Emanuel replied that he “never saw them.” When pressed, twice, if he was “aware” of the messages, Mr. Emanuel would only say that he “never saw them.” He then retreated behind reports that the e-mails came to ABC from a Republican source — a fact that Democrats like to trumpet because it misleadingly neglects their own involvement.

That the chairman of the DCCC didn’t “see” the e-mails before they appeared on ABC does not negate the fact that Democratic operatives had been peddling the story for close to a year.

So they believe the Democrats outroved Karl Rove for once? And if Emanuel is behind it, does that really surprise anyone? Afterall, Bill Clinton did call him his Karl Rove. If you did it, Rahm, all I can say is bravo! And if you didn’t, congratulations on having such a reputation that people think you did do it. We need more of that in the Democratic party.

Odd quote of the day:

“… you guys are lucky. Joe (Lieberman) will probably win (if you want to call it a win), and then all the centrists will pop up and say ‘we told you so.’ They won’t remember what it is they told us, but it will be something for sure. But they know all there is to know about everything.” – – Ned Lamont supporter.


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  1. Rick Shelly says:

    Odd quote of the day…

    Did someone really say that? Funny as hell!

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