Who Is Winning The 9/11 Public Relations War – Clinton or Bush?

Forget for a moment the pundits who are rendering their expert analysis over the Clinton-Bush 9/11 blame sweepstakes. Its too early to tell who has the upperhand now. Think of it as a great heavyweight fight. Round 1 was ABC’s “Path To 9/11” and the resulting furor over the film’s inaccuracies.

Who did the judges give that round to?

Let’s peak at the score cards so far…

BEFORE the movie aired:

In the poll results above, we see Bush edges Clinton by a nose on who the American public blames most for not capturing Osama bin Laden. However, AFTER the movie’s airing, the numbers shift dramatically.

Bush surges ahead by 11 points on who Americans blame “a great deal” for failing to capture bin Laden. And in the category of who should get the most blame, Bush again lead by an astonishing 18 points!

Round 1 goes to Clinton! Round 2 was last weekend’s FOX News… stay tuned to see if anyone has the cojones to do another round of polling next week!


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