Return of the Jedi

Book reviewer Regina Marler, writing about The Hunting of the President, said Bill Clinton was a far-from-angelic public leader who often outmaneuvered his enemies with otherworldly skill. But since he’s left office, the Empire has ruled the day. Clinton has played nice, raising billions for worthy causes while the Bush administration has been mediocre at best in running the country. Whenever something hasn’t gone right (which is often), the Bushies would point a finger Clinton’s way and say, “his fault.”

But no more. Today, Clinton drew his light sabre and stormed the Death Star. In an interview with Chris “gee, I wish as was as good as my dad” Wallace in the studios of FOX News, the former President set the record straight on his role in the events leading up to 9/11. Wallace stated he felt the “mountain was coming down in front of me” and was “surprised at the political attacks that followed.”

But why was Wallace surprised? Clinton has been on the wrong end of political attacks from FOX News and their ilk for a decade. And what has Clinton done in response? Ignored it. Preached nonpartisanship. I’m sure the powers at FOX told Wallace Clinton wouldn’t fight back if he tried to back him into a corner with the same rightwing myths Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly repeat almost nightly. Surprise!


One Response to Return of the Jedi

  1. Gary Sartori says:

    Nice job of telling Crissy poo where to go. Chris Wallace wish he were half the man his father is.

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