Path To 9/11 Loses to Football and the Simpsons in Ratings

According to MediaWeek:

Ratings Breakdown:

Household Rating/Share

NBC: 12.5/19, Fox: 8.0/12, ABC: 7.5/11, CBS: 7.4/11

1. Sunday night football
2. The Simpsons
3. The Path To 9/11
4. 911 (CBS rerun) almost tied for third.

Actual numbers are even more devastating. NBC’s Sunday Night Football doubled that of ABC’s factually challenged Path To 9/11 – 15.1 RATING/23 SHARE vs. 8.3 RATING/12 SHARE. The CBS documentary on 9/11 almost tied with ABC’s mockumentary, garnering an 8.2 RATING/12 SHARE – and it was a repeat!

The most telling statistic, the one that really adds insult to injury for ABC, is their movie was beaten in the 8 o’clock hour by the 18th season premier of The Simpsons.


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