Democrats; Reid, Clark, Embracing “Third Way” On National Defense

The likes of David Sirtota and Matt Tiabbi aren’t howling yet, but Democrats quietly embraced a study on national defense yesterday by The Third Way, an offshoot of the “eeeevil” DLC.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, and Senator Thomas Carper today joined General Wesley Clark and Sharon Burke, Director of the Third Way National Security Project to release “the Neo Con,” a new report analyzing the dangerous effects Republican policies have had on the security of the nation. Prepared by Third Way, the study is a damning indictment of Bush Republican failure and incompetence that has left America less safe five years after September 11, 2001.

This isn’t real surprising. The New Democratic movement (DLC, Third Way) has always been ahead of the curve in Democratic circles in regards to national defense. But seeing Harry Reid and, more significantly, Wesley Clark, appearing with them is interesting to say the least. Although Reid was first elected on the backs of the DLC’s campaigns in 1986, he was never really considered a “new Democrat.”

Wes Clark, on the other hand, was eyed with deep suspicion by the far left when he entered the Presidential race in 2003. He was called everything from a DLC trojan horse to a neocon. These days, however, the left will tar and feather you if you describe Clark as anything but a dyed in the wool progressive. How times have changed. Yet there he was, endorsing a DLC plan on national defense. And that is an area Clark knows well.

What does this mean? In my opinion, Democrats are slowly realizing (some are being dragged kicking and screaming to the realization) that national defense is their weakness, and they’re going to align themselves with the one Democratic organization with credibility on the issue – the DLC.

From U.S. Newswire:

“This report makes clear that the policies of the Bush Administration have failed to make the American people as safe as they should be,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “It provides compelling evidence that the war in Iraq has weakened our military, hindered efforts to defeat terrorism, and diverted attention and resources from crucial security challenges. Anyone who reads the report will come to the inescapable conclusion: America needs a new direction.”

“The majority party in power fails to understand the basic concept of fighting terror: We can’t dry up the wellspring of hatred which is driving terrorist recruiting by making more enemies than friends,” said General Clark, the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander. “Their arrogance and incompetence prevents the powers that be from authoring the change in direction we need. The Democratic party offers America the best chance to turn things around and set a new course towards strategic success in the war on terror.”

“Democrats have been leading our nation in the battle for democracy for over a century,” said House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer. “From Wilson, to FDR, to Truman, to Kennedy to Clinton, Democrats have been holding the torch of freedom to light the way for other nations long before the Republican Party joined the fight. That is a tradition that we continue here today. This report details how President Bush and the Republican Congress have failed to make us as safe as we should be, and we hope that by pointing out these failures we can force a change in course.”


One Response to Democrats; Reid, Clark, Embracing “Third Way” On National Defense

  1. Jai says:

    Try again. “The Neo Con” is NOT a “DLC plan on national defense”; it is a research report which details all of the security failures of the Bush administration. Wes Clark is more than capable of devising his own national security plans and needs nothing from the DLC or Third Way in that regard. Nor does he need to align himself with the DLC to get national security creds. If anything, they wanted him there to bolster their image.

    That said, Clark has said over and over that all Democrats need to hang together now to win elections THIS November. This is not the first time he has appeared with Third Way and DLC members, but you are mistaken to imply that he is any less progressive for doing so.

    I don’t need to try again when I got it right the first time. “The Third Way” is a branch of the DLC. If it makes you feel more like a “prooogreeesssive” to point out I used the word “plan” in the fourth paragraph (even though I did correctly use “study” in the first paragraph and excerpted it as well) then I’ll let you score that point. But to believe I said this would give Wes Clark credentials, and that I implied he is any less “progressive” for doing so, must be a fantasy or yours. It is a swell example of how the left twists things just like the right does.

    In closing – Wes Clark is as much a New Democrat in the DLC tradition as Bill Clinton. Sorry. Just a fact.

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