Iowa State Fair 2008 Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

The Democrats

Hillary Clinton 33% (Love her or hate her, Iowans know who she is)
John Edwards 33% (Still popular. And how many ladies told me he’s hot?)
Tom Vilsack 13% (At least he did better than the Des Moines Register’s Poll)
John Kerry 9% (2004 is a long time ago)
Evan Bayh 3% (One guy called him Birch)
Russ Feingold 2% (Who is he, many asked us)
Joe Biden 2% (1988 is really a long time ago)
Tom Daschle 2% (Will he really run?)
Wesley Clark 1% (The General could be in for a quite a battle)
Mark Warner 1% (The new democrat is a new name to many Iowans)



4 Responses to Iowa State Fair 2008 Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

  1. Gary Sartori says:

    This result proves that Hillary isn’t going to run away with the nomination like a lot of people thought she was.

  2. SaveElmer says:

    But Hillary Clinton has no support in the Party right? Read most of the leftie blogs and that is fact. I guess this 33% are Canadian eh?

  3. Gary Sartori says:

    Elmer, most of the lefty blogs are so far out of touch, they can’t think straight. As far as I’m concerned, it would serve me great if these things never existed.

    Point two, the fact that Hillary isn’t running away with this poll as least, does not bode well for her. She was supposed to be the overwhelming favorite. The people of Iowa are saying not so fast.

  4. cacambo says:

    Hillary’s support among is the activist base is unquestionably broad, but the depth is uneven. She probably will get a solid 20% of the vote no matter what, but I don’t know whether the remaining 13% will stick with her if other candidates become viable alternatives.

    Edwards, Kerry, and Bayh will all fade fast. Vilsack’s kidding himself if he runs, and Feingold is going to be able to accomplish little as long as Kerry, Edwards, and Clark are all in the race. The ones I’d say to keep an eye on are Warner, Clark, and Biden. Daschle and Dodd also might raise eyebrows if they jump in.

    In the end, Hillary might win by virtue of an over-divided field. Biden, Dodd, or Daschle in particular might be able to establish themselves and score some upset victories on their own if they were in the race alone, but I doubt any of them will be able to get the necessary oxygen if they have to compete with two other candidates with similar appeal (smart Senators with good rhetorical skills).

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