The “Perfect” Is Always the Enemy of The Good

In the PA Senate race, Republican Rick Santorum has recovered some ground and now only trails Democrat Bob Casey by six points. But look out! There’s a Green candidate in the race! Carl Romanelli gets 5% of the vote in a three-way race, according to polls. Even worse, Romanelli accepted funds from the GOP to make it on the ballot – with the expressed purpose of siphoning votes away from the Democratic candidate.

As someone so correctly told me yesterday, the Green party is nothing but a vehicle for rich liberals to feel good about themselves because they are not the ones who have to suffer from Republican policies in a substantive way. And this goes for the far left fringe of the Democratic party as well, because the lines blur between them and the Greens. When you hear the Disciples of Sirota and the KOSacks blathering on about how someone isn’t a “real” Democrat and how they’ll vote third party if they can’t have their guy or gal be the candidate, their green heart is showing. These clowns wouldn’t know a real Democrat if he/she bit them in the ass. If Harry Truman rose from the grave, he’d be labled a corporo-fascist neocon.

The GOP is also salivating over the Washington State Senate race where Democrat Senator Maria Cantwell is holding on to a slim lead over her Republican challenger. If I’m not mistaken, there is also a third party left candidate in that race, too.

The “perfect” is always the enemy of the good. And what devestating effects that truth brings.

The New York magazine has a fascinating feature called “What If 9/11 Never Happened,” told through the eyes of several writers. Thomas L. Friedman believes we’d be in a tense standoff with China. He seriously doubts George W. Bush would be president now, believing that without terrorism as a campaign issue, John Kerry would have defeated him in 2004. Of course, THAT issue would have changed the whole dynamic of the 2004 Democratic primaries anyway.

Frank Rich says Bush’s war would be at home:

When President Bush returned from Crawford to Washington in September 2001, his poll numbers were mediocre, his one burning ideological mission had already been accomplished (tax cuts), and his administration’s policy cupboard was bare except for Social Security privatization (a nonstarter with Democrats) and vague notions of immigration reform (a nonstarter with House Republicans). Without 9/11 to fill the vacuum of his slacker’s presidency, we’d likely have seen a fast-tracking of the scandal foretold by the Tom DeLay K Street project and an earlier and bloodier culture war: Karl Rove could focus his undivided attention on satisfying his base’s hunger for decisive action against abortion, stem-cell research, contraception, and gay people.

Perhaps the most eerie was the piece by Andrew Sullivan. In his “9/11 never happened” world, Al Gore ran for president again in 2004… and won. The Iraq war never happened, but Gore takes us down the same path to war in Afghanistan with precise military strikes against the Taliban for harboring Al Qaeda – with surreal results.

“We have nothing to fear, as President Roosevelt said, but fear itself. History teaches, as President Reagan proved, that wars begin when our enemies believe the price of aggression is cheap. We stand at a crossroads in history—to hand the future of humankind to religious extremists at home and abroad, or to fight for our values and our Constitution and our security as Americans. I do not regard this as a partisan matter, or as a political matter. The security of the West is at stake, and we must act now, before it is too late.”

That’s the president, from the Oval Office last night. The air strikes began this morning. Next stop: ground troops?

Stop! THIS IS A FAKE IMAGE! Don’t worry.

Great post over at Gregsopinion, re: Joe Lieberman. Just read it.


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