Question to Arianna Huffington: What Kind of Cheese do you want with that Whine?

Arianna Huffington is mad at Bill Clinton for not being a reactionary leftwinger or, rather, for being loyal to a longtime friend before becoming loyal to his party. How else do you explain her rant against the only twice elected Democratic president in over 60 years? She takes issue with Mr. Clinton for first supporting Joe Lieberman in the CT primary, then for supporting Ned Lamont when he won that primary. She’s ticked off because Clinton didn’t denounce Lieberman’s statements concerning Lamont and terrorists strongly enough, or soon enough, or something enough that isn’t quite clear. For that, she says, the Clinton doctrine must die.

Fascinating, but not surprising. See, Huffington is not a Democrat. Never has been. When she ran for California governor in 2003, she ran as an Independent. After a less than impressive debate performance on September 24, she withdrew her candidacy on the Larry King cable program, she flip-flopped and announced that she was then opposing the recall entirely.

And Huffington has never been a friend of Bill Clinton’s anyway. Before she took that massive pendulum swing from the far right to the far left, she spend her days helping her Republican husband, Michael Huffington, try to knock off California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 1994. After that, she spent time in the service of House Speaker Newt Gingrich during the days of the GOP witch hunt for Bill Clinton. Afterwards, she championed the candidacy of John McCain.

But liberals say Huffington has seen the light. And I believe it. She got a good look at the light as she ran past it from right to left.

Huffington is living proof that the far right and the far left hate Bill Clinton. She has been a part of both side’s attempt to take him down. All because Clinton won. Twice. And won doing it differently than “Huffington and the Republicans” or “Huffington and the far left reactionaries” would have done things.

Clinton’s crime, the offense that has Arianna “bi-polar” Huffington’s panties in a wad, is his endorsement of his friend Joe Lieberman in the CT. Democratic primary, then his backing of the winning Democrat after Lieberman’s defeat.

Some people just need something to whine about. But I’d take Bill Clinton (and Joe Lieberman for that matter) over Arianna Huffington any day.


One Response to Question to Arianna Huffington: What Kind of Cheese do you want with that Whine?

  1. Gary Sartori says:

    Now that Bill had disappointed Arianna, look for an all out attack against Hillary. She has her claws, along with many others in Lieberman. Maybe Bille Klintone, (her pronounciation), is much smarter than Arianna could ever be.

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