David Sirota starring in “Revenge of the Nerds!”

So you’ll recall a post Friday in which I compared quotes from an actual employee of the DLC’s (Ed Kilgore at NewDonkey) with those of Senator Russ Feingold concerning the Democratic Leadership Council. What’s funny is that in all those words written by Kilgore in defense of the DLC, I didn’t really notice his references to David Sirota in them. They most have been pretty insignificant. But Sirota sure did, and his response was, dare I say, classic Sirota? He called Kilgore’s response to Feingold’s words a “temper tantrum” and a “meltdown.” And here I was thinking they were well reasoned. Silly me.

But funny things happen when Sirota chooses to go head to head with other connected bloggers. Last month, after several exchanges with the writers of Lieberdem, it was revealed that Sirota interviewed not once but twice for jobs with Joe Lieberman – both times AFTER Lieberman had done all those vile things Sirota accuses him off. Now Kilgore reveals Sirota once interviewed with the nefarious DLC and wasn’t hired.

Hmmm. Sirota wanted work with the DLC? REJECTED. Sirota wanted work with Joe Lieberman? REJECTED. How many other failed attempts at employment with his arch enemies are in his past, I wonder? I guess we’ll have to wait until he gets into another spat with another well read blogger. But I’ve got a little theory about Sirota. He strikes me as the type who never fit in with the “in” crowd at school. Who never got the dates with the pretty girls. And who now is exacting payback from his tormentors. David Sirota has his own little “Revenge of the Nerds” going on!

And after reading Sirota’s reply, I got to thinking about the review the NY Times did on Sirota’s book, Hostile Takeover, which earned the Times a place on Sirota’s enemies list right next to the DLC:

The Times for months refused to review Hostile Takeover, preferring to try to ignore it. Only when the book hit the bestseller list did the paper realize it was embarrassing itself by its behavior. Not surprisingly, the review that the paper finally agreed to do is indeed a spectacle – and it highlights the fault lines of power that have taken center stage in American politics.

Hmmm… the DLC/Joe Lieberman overlooked Sirota for employment and the NY Times ignored his book until it became “embarassing” for them not to. I see a trend here. Refuse David Sirota, and you’re automatically a part of some shadowy corporate-run conspiracy to control the “fault lines of power that have taken center stage in American politics.”

Mr. Sirota, I had no idea you were THAT important!


2 Responses to David Sirota starring in “Revenge of the Nerds!”

  1. SaveElmer says:

    The DLC is Sirota’s bread and butter…a well he can always go to to get his sycophantic followers to sing his praises. One of those “legions of Democrats” who hate other Democrats.

  2. Gary Sartori says:

    David Sirota is one of those guys, who never quite made it to the big league of politics. Yeah, he writes for the fringe fanatics like Huffington Post, but since Lieberman outright rejected him, he somehow needs to beat his chest, and call Lieberman all sorts of nasty names. To me, Sirota is a boil on the ass of the world.

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