Tuesday, bloody Tuesday…

The results are in, and I went 1 for 2 in my choices last night. First, in Georgia’s 4th Congressional district, Cynthia McKinney lost her house seat for the second time in four years and I couldn’t be happier. For someone who started her career with such promise, McKinney has been a disappointment to all but a few Democrats nationally. Of course, she serves at the pleasure of her house district, and they’ve obviously grown tired of her antics as well. Splitting the black vote right down the middle last night, McKinney was shown the door by her black constituents who just don’t buy her race baiting anymore. And the far left who encouraged her maddening descent into the tin foil hat realm share a reponsibility for her lose. But even now, they’re looking for gremlins in the voting machines and Republican conspiracies to hang her loss on. Despite that, McKinney was royally thrashed.

Hopefully McKinney is gone for good this time. Congratulations Hank Johnson!

In CT, the left got their wish and deposed Senator Joseph Lieberman. However, in Ned Lamont, all indications are that he is a scab. Lieberman lite. Aside from his anti-Iraq war position, he is everything “progressives” rail against. He supports the “zionist oppression” in the Middle East (that’s “progressive” for supporting Israel.) He is a rich, white business man. In fact, he belonged to an exclusive, mostly white country club for over 10 year and only recently resigned to preserve the “populist” image he and his supporters were crafting for him. Yes, this morning the US Senate is waking up without Democrat Joe Lieberman, but will the far left be happy with the jewel they’ve got in his place? As a good friend remarked, the entire Lamont movement is pretty much built on the swiftboating of Lieberman. Has anyone noticed what Lamont stands for besides the end to the war?

And in terms of “Democrat” Joe Lieberman, what do last nights numbers tell us about his potential Independent run for the Senate Seat he currently holds? CT voters are notoriously independent. So, let’s just assume that 10% of his 48% are loyal Democrats and vote for Lamont in the general election. All indications are that Independents, who are the state’s largest voting block, will break for Lieberman. Combine that with the Democratic and Republican votes Lieberman will garner, and you have the recipe for another interesting election in November.

You’re going to hear and read many things about these two races in the coming weeks. Keep in mind, though, that the contests are in no way a referendum on one thing or another, especially the Lieberman-Lamont race. While the “progressive” blogosphere is already talking about who they can “take down” next, narrowly defeating an incumbent Democrat in a Northeastern blue state is completely different than achieving the same results in a red state. “Progressives” find it difficult to understand that Democrats in Massachusetts and Connecticut are not the same political animal in Georgia and Tennessee.


2 Responses to Tuesday, bloody Tuesday…

  1. Gray says:

    Lieberman 2006 is just like Chamberlain, 1938. You\\\’re on the wrong mission. This isn\\\’t about Center vs. Left, this is about resistance against Bush policy. Itall comes down to a simple, ethical question:

    Do you believe Bush is leading the right way?

    If your answer is NO!, than there can\\\’t be any excuse for enabling his policy by stomping for bipartisanship in a situation where this is a cul de sac. Bush and Rove don\\\’t allow any compromises, there are no bargains, there won\\\’t be anything in return. Lieberman may like to be in the bright spot of republican sympathy, but where are the successes of his centrist policy? Where are the moderate judges, for instance?

    No, bipartisanship is just a nicer word for capitulating to the right right now. One can be a moderate or centrist without bending for the right wing policy of the Bush gang. But it takes ethical ideals and good judgement, characteristics that Lieberman lost under the corrupting effect of power. And all who are following him on his way are just collaborators, poor exploited souls who don\\\’t see they are simply enabling the worst president of modern times and his gang of neocon crooks. That\\\’s nothing to be proud of.

    Donkey Digest Says: Chamberlain, eh? Amazing – a Nazi reference in the Lieberman debate. Just remember one thing. The war will be over one day. Bush will be out in two years. What of your Nazi hunting, non-compromising viewpoint then?

  2. Gray says:

    \”Amazing – a Nazi reference in the Lieberman debate.\”

    Chamberlain had many flaws, but he wasn\’t a Nazi. Is there any ethical law that protects someone from being called an Appeasenik because of his religion and/or ancestry? I don\’t think so. I have a non compromising viewpoint against Nazis, sure, but that\’s not the topic here. This is about enablers of awful policy, and they should be opposed at all times. In 2008, Dems might have a majority again. Hopefully, there won\’t be spoilers like Lieberman then who sabotage important Democrat goals by siding with the GOP because of selfish interests.

    DonkeyDigest: Dude, we KNOW Chamberlain wasn\’t a Nazi. But we also know that you called Lieberman a \”Chamberlain\” because of his relationship with Bush who, by insinutation, you called a Nazi. THERE is your Nazi reference. But you\’re right about one thing – when the Democrats win back one or both houses in 2006, we hope there won\’t be spoilers like \”progressive\” Ralph Nader and the MoveOn crowd who encourate \”progressives\” not to support Democrats.

    And your non-compromising viewpoint stems from your \”progessive\” my way or the highway nature.

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