“Progressives” target John Lewis? Whittman speaks on the blogosphere. New moderate Republican voice…

Congratulations to the folks over at the new diary/news site GOPProgress, whose stated purpose is a noble one:

to allow users to read high-grade political commentary, including interviews with moderate political leaders, op-eds by Members of Congress on topical issues, and articles on major policy issues, while also having the opportunity to interact with the editors, moderate political leaders, and fellow moderates and libertarian-leaners through the use of diaries, and comments on stories.

I’ve been feeling a renewed moderate/centrist movement within the ranks of both parties for some time now. Perhaps people like me and people like them can recapture our parties from the extremists who are currently the public face of each party and restore civility to Washington.

Atlanta Progressive News is apparently targeting civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis for not endorsing or supporting Cynthia McKinney:

US Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is not supporting his progressive colleague in Congress for reelection, US Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), or her challenger, Mr. Hank Johnson. However, Rep. Lewis is supporting the hawkish centrist, US Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT), Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Although Lewis has supported her in the past…

McKinney is in a suspenseful Runoff Election with Mr. Johnson, a quiet, more conservative Democrat with Republican ties. While Johnson does not have much of a specific issues platform to speak of, he and Sen. Lieberman clearly have something in common: they both openly pride themselves on working “across the aisle” with Republicans.

1. Johnson has ties to Republicans like McKinney has ties to groups that support terrorists.

2. Looks like he has a pretty good “specific issues” platform.

Lewis called Johnson a friend and they took photographs together at Manuel’s Tavern’s 50th Anniversary Party, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said… But speaking of friends, Rep. Lewis also called Joe Lieberman a friend of his recently as well, the Associated Press reported.

hmmm… John Lewis isn’t supporting McKinney, but has called Hank Johnson AND Joe Lieberman his friend and he IS supporting Lieberman… I sense a case building…

Still, Lewis’s act of declining to endorse McKinney, while he has endorsed Mr. Lieberman, raises a lot of questions.

When Rep. Lewis was in Connecticut recently, he announced that Lieberman has his support “no matter what happens in the Primary,” the Associated Press said. “I stick with my friends,” he was reported to have said.

So the implication is, Lieberman is a friend of Lewis’s. McKinney is not? Or is the implication Civil Rights Hero John Lewis is betraying “progressives” by being friends with two people the “progressive” movement has come to despise?

Back in Georgia, John Lewis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he is declining to endorse either US Rep. McKinney or Hank Johnson…

…This does not seem consistent with his actions in Connecticut, however. In Connecticut, Lewis has not only supported a candidate there, he has reportedly indicated he will also support Lieberman even if the Democratic voters of that state overwhelmingly choose Mr. Lamont and if Lieberman has to run as an Independent.

The Run-off race is different than a Primary, Jones said; however, Lewis apparently declined to endorse McKinney in the Primary as well.

OK. Its getting clear now. Civil Rights hero John Lewis isn’t supporting McKinney. But he is friends with McKinney’s opponant Hank Johnson and Joe Lieberman and is supporting Lieberman. Since “progressives” despise Lieberman and Johnson, this is some sort of betrayal. And as associations go, Lewis now has “ties to republicans” and is a “bush enabler.”

We get it. No really, we do. LOL!

Chip Griffin, who runs a technology blog, has a fascinating interview with the DLC’s Marshall Whittman on the state of the political blogoshpere. As is pointed out there, Wittmann takes fire from the right and left, as he is currently at the Democratic Leadership Council and previously worked for Senator John McCain. So he is able to offer a unique perspective on political blogging. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s important to look at this in a historical context. I can remember the McGovern campaign back in 1972, and at that time people thought that the great innovation in politics was direct mail, and that this would transform the Democratic Party and indeed American politics, and to a certain extent it did. I think in many ways the left‑wing blogosphere, at least, is very much a reflection of that McGovernite tendency that emerged in the Democratic party in the late 1960’s that was generally highly educated, middle to upper middle class, very much motivated by their opposition to the war, and generally ideologically left‑wing…

… At the end of the day, I think it’s a very unhealthy phenomenon for the Democratic Party, just like the rise of McGovernism was unhealthy for the Democratic party because it moves it away from the political center and it particularly underscores the weakness in the Democratic Party on national security. I would point out that, almost 40 years ago, that McGovernism emerged out of opposition to an unpopular war, and the paradox of the moment is that even though the war was unpopular, the Democratic Party was perceived as weak on national security. My sense is that the blogosphere will push the Democratic Party to the left and particularly if Lamont is successful in this primary. I don’t believe he will ultimately be successful in the general election, but if he’s successful in that primary, the blogosphere will use that victory to drive the Democratic presidential primary in 2008 to the left, and this will be exploited by the Republican Party for years to come

Sidney Blumenthal believes that by secretly providing NSA intelligence to Israel and undermining the hapless Condi Rice, hardliners in the Bush administration are trying to widen the Middle East conflict to Iran and Syria, not stop it. Pretty powerful piece.


2 Responses to “Progressives” target John Lewis? Whittman speaks on the blogosphere. New moderate Republican voice…

  1. NDakotaDem says:

    I don’t have a specific comment on this blog, but I just ran across your blog in some websurfing, and I just wanted to thank you. All you seem to see on Democratic blogs nowadays are the far left of our party screaming and yelling and shouting down anyone who is less than their ideal of ideological purity. I couldn’t believe, I even read on certain blogs you’ve discussed that “Bill Clinton wasn’t that great” or “his way isn’t the way we win electons.”

    And while I don’t really support Joe Lieberman and disagree with much of what he supports and the angle he takes on many issues, the vitriolic attacks on him by certain blogospheres is disgusting, as is the “all Lieberman/Lamont, all the time.”

    Another thing that irritates me? The out and out hatred for the DLC. Some people prefer to stick their heads in the sand and pretend like compromise isn’t necessary, and in my book, that makes them no better than some of the far right in the Republican party. They also don’t seem to get that there are regional differences in Democrats, that a Democrats view ideologically is not the same in a conservative state like mine versus a more “blue” state like California or NY.

    Anyway, sorry for my little rant, but I just wanted to say kudos on the blog. There are probably more Democrats out there that agree with you than you know.

  2. Git2work says:

    First off all, great work on this blog. It has become daily reading for me each day at lunch.

    I used to be one of those DLC hating Democrats until I did two things:

    1. Went to their site and actually read what they have to say

    2. Realized that they are the ONLY Democratic group putting forth any advanced policy proposals. Democracy for America isn’t. Progressive Democrats of America isn’t.

    Keep up the good work.

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