McKinney’s website a GOP front? Will 2006 be like 1986 for Democrats?

I know I’ve spent a lot of time covering the Cynthia McKinney/Hank Johnson race in Dekalb county, Georgia.  But being from Georgia, I’m not only excited about the possibility McKinney might lose for good this time and her district will get a quality Democrat in her place, I’m also excited that the far left might be losing one of their own.

As Casy Kasem used to say, the hits just keep on coming for McKinney.  Andre Walker’s blog Georgia Politics Unfiltered broke an interesting little news bit Friday via it’s comments section.  It seems Cynthia McKinney’s campaign site is allegedly owned and operated by Citizens for Conservative Values, a Republican consulting firm.  How do we know?  the WHOIS records for her site give us a clue:

Citizens for Conservative Values
Candi Lane
4150 Snapfinger Woods Dr Suite 204
Decatur, GA 30035
Email: *****************

You can check for yourself by going here and entering “”

Of course, the left believes McKinney’s dwindling support and theatrics is simply because people don’t like “uppity black women who actually tells the truth about Bush and exposes the others for the lily-livered enablers that they are.”  But at least one “uppity black woman” I know doesn’t care much for McKinney.  Cynthia Tucker, the much respected editorial page editor of the Atlanta Journal and liberal, had this to say about McKinney in a recent op-ed:

In a few precincts of American politics, voters still applaud the utterly futile gesture of defiance, the confrontational rhetoric that pleases only true believers, the fist shaken in the face of an opponent who neither notices nor cares. Apparently, such empty gestures — signs of impotence, really — have come to be seen as “speaking truth to power.”

That helps to explain the remaining, if faltering, appeal of U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), whose supporters are nothing if not naïve. They have turned Theodore Roosevelt’s maxim — “Speak softly and carry a big stick” — upside down.

McKinney speaks loudly but has accomplished little in her 12 years in Congress. That’s because her outrageous rhetoric and loopy antics distance her not only from the Republican majority, but even from many of her Democratic colleagues. She has few allies.

she frittered away her promise, recklessly playing the race card and picking fights not only with opponents but also with those who should have been allies. In 1997, when she was challenged by John Mitnick, a Jewish Republican, she allowed her father, a spokesman for her campaign, to engage in blatant anti-Semitism. In 2000, her Web site posted her inflammatory analysis of Al Gore as having a low “Negro tolerance level.”

By contrast, her colleague, U.S. Rep. John Lewis, who represents Georgia’s 5th District, has the moral authority to get things done. He, too, is a vocal critic of the invasion of Iraq. He, too, has frequently disagreed with the policies of President Bush. He, too, is a Democrat — a member of the minority party. But when Lewis threw his determined efforts behind extension of the Voting Rights Act, it passed.

It’s the difference between infamy and influence.

OK, enough about McKinney for THIS post…

Heading full throttle into election season, many analysts who believe the Democrats might win it all are comparing 2006 with 1994, the year Democrats lost and lost big in Congress.  However, a Washington Times op-ed makes the case that 2006 more resembles 1986:

As Republicans work to prevent Democrats from gaining the six seats they need to capture a majority in the Senate, it might be instructive to compare today’s electoral dynamics with those prevailing 20 years ago — the last time the Republican Party defended its Senate majority in a midterm election during the second term of a Republican president…

… Entering the 1986 elections, Republicans controlled the Senate by a 53-47 margin. Nevertheless, Democrats gained eight Senate seats in 1986, emerging from the midterm elections with a solid 55-45 majority…

Today, Republicans effectively hold a 55-45 Senate majority. To achieve majority status in the Senate, Democrats must gain six seats, two fewer than they captured in the relatively halcyon days of 1986. 

The rest of the op-ed is a lot of number crunching with comparisons to Reagan and George W. Bush in regards to domestic policy successes.  It is a fascinating read and builds a strong case that, if a President’s performance has any bearing, the Democrats win in a walk this fall. 

But being the centrist Democrat that I am, the Senate race in 1986 (the one where Democrats won the Senate back) has another dimension to me.  It was the first year the DLC made a difference in an election outcome.  The Democratic Senators elected and who gave the Senate back to the Democrats included moderates Barbara Mikulski (a participant in the DLC’s National Service Tour), Harry Reid (who recently said Democrats have to “swallow their pride” and move toward the middle), Conservative Democrat Richard Shelby, DLCer Bob Graham, DLCer Kent Conrad, and DLCer Tom Daschle

Of course, Bill Clinton and the DLC would go on to capture the White House in 1992 and 1996, garner the popular vote in 2000, and cause a war time president to have the lowest winning percentage ever in 2004.

Bob Novak is lamenting a probable GOP collapse in Ohio:

Republican senators at last week’s Tuesday luncheon meeting were stunned by news from Ohio of the Columbus Dispatch poll showing Sen. Mike DeWine behind his Democratic challenger, Rep. Sherrod Brown, by 8 percentage points.

The GOP senators had taken for granted that Senators Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania and Conrad Burns in Montana are in trouble for re-election. However, it was widely assumed in Washington that DeWine was in relatively good shape because Brown is too liberal for Ohio.

Ohio, long regarded as the national key to Republican fortunes, is shaping up as a disaster area for the GOP in the wake of Gov. Bob Taft’s unpopular administration. The Dispatch poll has Democratic Rep. Ted Strickland leading Secretary of State Ken Blackwell by 20 percentage points for governor.


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