Leftwing Lieberman myths debunked, more women candidates, do you have an evil red state twin?

Lieberdem does a masterful job of debunking leftwing myths about Joe Lieberman.  Here’s a taste:

So every once in awhile, I’ve noticed that someone puts up a laundry list of grievances against Lieberman. In the spats of hate mail and derisive comments which I’ve received over the past few weeks, more than one has called me a “coward” or something to that effect for not answering these charges. Well, I’ve finally decided to call that bluff.

First off, whenever I read this list of charges, I was reminded of Snopes.com’s dubunking of the ridiculous”Clinton Body Count”. The body count was a ridiculous laundry list distributed by GOPers in the 1990’s listing dozens of people connected to Clinton who had died over the course of his political career. It was a crock, and Mikkelson did a masterful job of exposing it as such.

This is all just to point out that the intellectual dishonesty of many of the charges against Lieberman is enough to make Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove proud.

— snip of very long and detailed debunking of many charges against Senator Lieberman —

I could make this list go on for hours, but I have to eat and sleep at some point. In any case, hopefully this helps reveal just how disingenuous the half-truths being told about Lieberman are.

Almost as revealing as the referenced post above are the comments it has gotten:

    • This post sure looks like a filibuster to me.
    • Acting like Nazis certainly is hurting his (campaign)
    • Ah, yes. Lie and deny. That is, after all, the Lieberman way.

DonkeyRising discusses why Democrats need more women candidates:

One of the great failures of American democracy is our inability to produce even a semblance of gender parity among elected officials in our federal, state and local political institutions. For example, the Center for American Women in Politics (CAWP) reports that women hold only 14 of 100 U.S. Senate seats (9 Democrats), 67 of 435 House of Reps. Seats (43 Democrats) and 8 of 50 governorships (6 Democrats). The shortfall raises an interesting question: Would women voters be more likely to vote for women candidates, and which party would benefit?

It’s a hugely complicated question and one of the subjects addressed in an interesting scholarly paper presented in April to the Midwest Political Science Association by Kathleen Dolan, a University of Wisconsin political scientist. While the aforementioned statistics suggest Democrats would likely derive the greater benefit from fielding more women candidates, the answer is more complex.

The Has Been has a sequel to his hilarious “The Ralph in The Mirror” post, again about how people mistake him for Ralph Reed:

By the time the polls closed in Georgia last Tuesday, I had come to terms with either possible outcome. If my evil twin Ralph Reed lost the Republican primary for lieutenant governor, I would lead the national sigh of relief, from Democrats as well as thoughtful conservatives alarmed at the moral drift of the Republican Party. If he won, I would await the results of the general election before deciding whether to colonize another planet.

Naturally, I was hoping to remain on Earth and take my chances with global warming. Yet leaving had its own logic. I had always assumed that Ralph and I looked alike so people could make jokes at our expense, the way Brian Williams did by suggesting that we both had necks so skinny, he worried our heads would fall off. But perhaps our resemblance revealed a larger truth. Since the two political parties often appear to exist in parallel realities, it seemed possible that Ralph and I could be the first glimpse behind the curtain of the political universe. Maybe every person in a blue state has an identical red twin, and Ralph and I are just the first to realize it.

BullMoose gives his take on the difference between the two major parties:

The truth is that both parties are failing the American people. The Republicans put the donor class before the national interest. In the pursuit of power through pork, the Republicans have betrayed their small government principles.

And the Democrats are more focused on their rage against the President than forging a politics of national unity. Few Democrats have the courage, gumption or fortitude to stand up to the left wing nutroots and activists who are attempting to marginalize the party on national security.

Donklephant has a formula to get moderates elected.  Here’s a taste:

…Offering a lever for those moderates to recapture their parties and reestablish the long tradition of “meet in the middle” that the last 15 years of partisanship have all but erased….

…Reasserting pragmatism over ideology, leading to legislation that thoughtfully addresses complex problems, instead of pursuing oversimplified or actively harmful agendas in order to conform to some predetermined principle…



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