Left Rage

NewDonkey is back with his review of the DLC’s National Conversation:

the National Conversation had a record turnout of state and local elected officials, which should help, among anybody paying attention, rebut the “DC Establishment” stereotype about the DLC… Monday’s public event, including the rollout of Hillary Clinton’s American Dream Initiative, was quite coherent and upbeat. Lord knows there were plenty of reporters in Denver who would have loved to ignore what was actually going on at the DLC meeting and instead written about intra-party fights, and plenty of bloggers and other DLC-detractors who would have loved to pile on. But they weren’t given a hook for it…

…this was the most wonkified DLC gathering I can remember. The whole event was organized around a collection of 22 essays on national security; a book on state and local policies to deal with globalization; and a big and specific agenda (the aforementioned American Dream Initiative) on middle-class opportunity.

The DLC’s website has the full text of Senator Clinton’s and Governor Visak’s speeches.  You can read the full text of The American Dream Initiative here, or a condensed version here.

Someone pointed out to me this morning that it appears some people get enraged whenever the Democrats’ chances improve. And he wasn’t referring to Republicans. The higher we go in the polls, the more outraged the far left gets, he observed.  And in fact, he’s right.  A quick visit to some of the “progressive” websites will prove the point.  Like this time last year, the Democrats are getting bumps in the polls and the DLC has sucked up some major press coverage with their annual convention and the far left is feeling left out again.  And they’re mad.  And they’re telling us who the “real” Democrats are.  So I’ve decided to coin a phrase for this:  “Left Rage.”  A condition that occurs whenever Democrats start winning or have great prospects of winning without following the erratic political map of the far left. 

After all, it was roughly this time last year that Democrats began racking up serious and consistant poll numbers for the 2006 mid terms elections and the DLC had their 2005 convention.  I’m not saying that the convention caused the poll bounces.  We can thank the blunderous GOP for that.  However, the two events did get a lot of media coverage, with most outlets referring to the DLC simply as “The Democrats.”  It was only a few weeks later that KOS decided to make the DLC “radioactive.”  The far left would rather be “correct” in their minds than winners.  Comment?


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