Blogging around: Disproportionate response? Lamont “too white?” US killing garbage men?

Jed Babbin at RCP comments on what he calls “yet another tiresome liberal take today on the ‘disproportionate’ response by Israel to the Hizballah rocket attacks and the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers.”

Proportionate responses can only be defined by the attack. If you fire one rocket with a twenty-pound warhead at me, I can return fire only to equal destructive effect. By definition, that means I cannot – even if I have you and your truck-mounted launching system painted with my laser designator – drop one of those 250-pounders hanging on my right wing to create a smoking hole in the ground where you now stand. It means never doing more than your attacker did to you. It means giving you the right to shoot those rockets at my house as many times as it takes to kill me, because I can never use whatever force I have to end your ability to attack me. By definition, proportionality means perpetual war.

As Adam Smith wrote in 1776 in “The Wealth of Nations,” the first duty of the sovereign is defense. No logic, international law or treaty binds a nation to defend itself only in proportion to an aggressor’s attack. The duty of a national government is to defeat an enemy so its people can live in peace and security. And that requires the infliction of the maximum amount of damage on the enemy in the minimum amount of time. Let’s not speak any more about proportionality.

Ryan Sager at RCP points out some rather interesting news on Ned Lamont:

One more thing on the Lieberman primary …

I’m definitely a day or two late on this, but what a phony Lamont is. According to the New York Times: “[Lamont] quit an exclusive country club in Greenwich this year, saying it was too white and too rich and he did not want it to become a campaign issue.”

He’d been a member for more than 10 years.

Michael Crowley at The Plank gives us one more example of how inept current military operations in Iraq really are:

Fear not: Operation Baghdad Is Beautiful is here!

Sanitation is not a trivial priority, of course. The problem is that this operation has been necessitated by the killing of 300 garbage collectors in the past six months. (I saw this figure on ABC News but couldn’t believe it until I saw corroborating sources.)

How much worse can Iraq get? If U.S. forces can’t even prevent the Baghdad sanitation department from getting wiped out, what can they still do?

DonkeyRising raves about the new Washington Post election guide that tracks issues and ’06 races:

The feature focuses on how voting may be affected by eight major “issues,” including: Iraq; immigration; President Bush; corruption; “pocketbook” concerns; GOP chances in the northeast; Democratic chances in the “upper south”; and ballot measures. The feature includes dozens of cross-links to useful data, including candidate bios, district and state demographic profiles, opinion polls, financial information and voting records — much of it nicely illustrated with clickable maps and jazzy graphics.

Speaking ’06 races, new WSJ/Zogby poll shows Democrat Harold Ford Slightly Ahead Of Republican Bob Corker In Tennessee.

Ford leads Corker 43.6% to 42.5% in the poll results, published on the Wall Street Journal website.

One month ago, the same poll showed Corker with a 1-point lead, 42.4 to 41.4 percent, and two months ago, Corker’s lead was four points at 43-39

The new Zogby Interactive numbers show Ford in a dead heat in matchups with Republicans Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary.. that represents a 17-point gain on Bryant and a 10-point gain on Hilleary since Zogby Interactive began polling Tennessee in September 2005.

To my home state of Georgia, Andre Walker at Georgia Politics Unfiltered asks a simple question:  What has Sonny Perdue done?



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