Blogging around: Reed blames McCain, Obama to Iowa?

Ralph Reed is blaming an unlikely person for the stomping he got in Tuesday’s Republican Lt. Governors’ primary.  From The Plank:

So who does Ralph Reed blame for his thumping in yesterday’s Georgia GOP lieutenant governor primary? Not himself. Not even Jack Abramoff. Nope, he blames John McCain.

BullMoose thrashes the left for their “swiftboating” of Joe Lieberman and moderates for not coming to his defense:

The Moose found one of the most despicable moments of contemporary politics was when John Kerry’s heroism in battle was called into question during the 2004 campaign. It was an attempt to rewrite history to depict a war hero as an opportunist. It was vile and disgusting.

Now the left is engaged in a swiftboating of Joe Lieberman. It is an attempt to falsely portray him as right wing Bush supporter. It is a vile lie. The truth is that Joe Lieberman is in the mainstream of a Democratic Party that could become a majority party. But does that party exist anymore?

With apologies to August Bebel, anti-Liebermanism is the liberalism of fools.

It is fashionable among Democratic pundits and politicians to express contrition about their support for the war and beg for forgiveness from the lefties. Joe’s great “sin” is that he stands by his original position and expresses optimism about America’s eventual success in Iraq. However, it is far more popular and acceptable in the Democratic Party to express defeatism and doom. And this is the party that the American people will trust with their security?

And here is a message for those moderates who are refusing to vigorously support Joe – their coming after you next. Limousine Liberal Lamont is merely a tool for the nutroots to help achieve their ultimate objective. The goal of the activists and the celebrated nutroots is to move the party to the left on critical issues such as national security and trade. And the ultimate result will be that Democrats will only be able to visit the White House on a tourist pass.


The Swamp reports Barack Obama is heading to Iowa in September to headline the state’s biggest Democratic event of the year:

The junior senator from Illinois will make his Iowa debut at Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry. The venue is among the most sought-after platforms in Democratic politics, a rural fairground south of Des Moines that has hosted Bill Clinton three times and a string of prospective presidential hopefuls over the years.

Until now, Obama has taken great care to steer clear of Iowa, the state that traditionally launches the race for the White House. But accepting the invitation to appear on Harkin’s high-profile stage Sept. 17 underscores the notion that Obama is not intent on tamping down speculation about his interest in the 2008 campaign.

Real Clear Politics points to Republican hypocrisy concerning television commercials:

Good grief. According to US News & World Report, Mike DeWine’s campaign doctored the images of the WTC towers used in the attack ad against Sherrod Brown that I mentioned the other day. Apparently some moron thought it would be a good idea to add computer generated smoke to a pictue of the towers…….

I hate to beat a dead horse over the issue of fairness and hypocrisy, and I know Republican outrage was already at ear-shattering levels over the DCCC video, but how much louder do you think they would have screamed if Democrats had not only used images of fallen soldiers in a political video, but had doctored them to enhance the effect?



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