Who is hurting the Democratic party? The far left needs to look in the mirror!

The left blogosphere and their legion of keyboard warriors have a long history of “do as I say, not as I do” activism.  Don’t be fooled.  Their ultimate goal is not to save the Democratic party, but to burn it down and recreate it in their image.  Armed with little knowledge of Democratic policy and history before 1972, and not too much more understanding since, these modern day Mcgovernites believe Harry Truman was a neocon, JFK was an abberition, and that Bill Clinton is a Republican

It is understandable that these people feel they are the rightful heirs to the legacy of the Democratic party.  Their ideological forefathers – the Wallacites and McGovernites – saw the Democratic party as the easiest route to attaining their political goals.  When the pinnacle of their efforts was reached in the disastrous 1972 presidential election, many of them faded into the background of the party, some ran for and won assorted local, state, and congressional races, but they all waited for the next VietNam or period of social upheaval to again come forth and stake their claim to the party.  Was this an organized move?  No, but if you give these people credit for anything, give it to them for their passion.  The two major parties have survived because they know when to compromise their principles for the sake of progress.  But the far left, like the far right, will steamroll over anyone who disagrees, and they consider compromise a weakness.

Fast forward to today.  In Iraq, the left has their new Viet Nam.  In the quasi-Orwellian policies of the Bush administration, they have their social upheaval.  Now, armed with keyboards and modems, they have commenced to steamrolling those they believe to be party heretics.

Joe Lieberman is the most well known example, but he isn’t the only one.  Hillary Clinton has been targeted. So has Joe Biden.  Maria Cantwell could very well lose her Senate seat because of far left opposition disguised as Democrats.  And the phenomenon is probably a psychologist’s dream case full of classic projection, exemplified by the latest strike at Joe Lieberman from blogger Atrios appearing in the LA Times:

For too long he has defined his image by distancing himself from other Democrats, cozying up to right-wing media figures and, at key moments, directing his criticisms at members of his own party instead of at the Republicans in power.

Who was it that distanced himself from Bill Clinton here?  No, it wasn’t Joe Lieberman.  It was blogosphere activist Bob Burnett at the Huffington Post.  And who distanced himself from Hillary Clinton here?  Joe Lieberman?  No, it was blogosphere darling KOS!  And who was it here that distanced himself from Barack Obama?  Why, it was “progressive” hero David Sirota.

Lieberman has a long history of providing cover for the worst of Republican actions while enthusiastically serving as his own party’s scold. After the Senate acquitted President Clinton on all impeachment charges, Lieberman called for his censure. More recently, he rejected a call by Sen. Russell D. Feingold (D-Wis.) to censure Bush over the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program, calling the attempt “divisive.”

Yet it was that same Sen. Russel D. Feingold (D-Wis.) and leading “progressive” choice for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, who broke party ranks in 1999 at the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton to oppose dismissing charges.  He said he felt Clinton’s behavior was close to Nixonian levels!

Lieberman’s relationship with the Democratic Party has been one of convenience, not principle, as was proved definitively in late June when he declared his intention to run as an independent if he loses the Aug. 8 primary. Proclaiming that he had loyalties “greater than those to my party,” he decided he would deserve a do-over if rejected by Connecticut Democrats. In what could be the final tragic act of his political career, Lieberman might soon discover that Republicans don’t love Democrat-bashing Democrats enough to actually vote for them.

How Atrios says this with a straight face, I don’t know.  Lieberman has a record of public service dating back to 1970 with strong histories on environmental issues, and consumers’ and civil rights.  It doesn’t seem to bother Atrios and his ilk that Rep. Bernie Sanders, a confirmed socialist and lifelong Independent, has always refused to run as a Democrat and is only now agreeing to appear on the primary ballot as a Democrat for Jim Jefford’s seat.  However, Sanders WILL NOT RUN AS A DEMOCRAT if he gets the party’s nomination!  Does it annoy the left that the party is being used like that?  Apparently not.

And where was the outrage from the left when Cynthia McKinney was considering running as a Green after she lost he seat in 2002?  Answer:  There WAS no outrage. In fact, the left encouraged it!

Atrios and his ilk obviosly don’t see the hypocrisy of asking Republicans to put country before party as they did in 2004 and howling about Joe Lieberman possibly opting to put country before party in 2006.  They’re not angry that Lieberman might leave the Democratic party to run as an independent.  They’re angry that in doing so, he’ll win a three-way race and, thus, foil their attempts to dispose of him.

Yes, Don’t be fooled.  Like I said, their ultimate goal is not to save the Democratic party, but to burn it down and recreate it in their image.


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