Georgia banishes extremist on the right, forces left extremist into runoff

If you haven’t heard yet, Ralph Reed, the former head of one of the largest Christian activist groups, conceded defeat last night in a Republican primary in his bid to become lieutenant governor of Georgia.  Reed, who had a master plan to step into the governor seat, then the presidency, is now free to face any looming criminal charges against him. 

Democrats had a hand in Reed’s surprising defeat, crossing over to vote against him, and some Republicans are, well, PISSED!

it appears that Georgia and its Godless Democrats is leading The United States of America to hell in a handbasket by denying Ralph Reed the nomination. Oh, what have we done, to be so punished America? Pray that I don’t turn back to drink—I’ve just had my fourth cigarette tonight and I quit 8 years ago!

In other (ahem!) developments, Cynthia McKinney was forced into a runoff, to be held August 8.  My question is can Republicans vote in a Democratic runoff?  McKinney is not only an embarassment to the Democratic party, but to the whole Congress. 

Of course, many on the far left are already saying McKinney was cheated:

Hank Johnson was put in the primary by a Republican religious group.  They felt the best way to beat McKinney was to place one of their own in her primary.  link


According to sources in the Cynthia McKinney camp, Georgia voters attempting to vote for her in today’s Democratic Primary are seeing their votes flipped to her opponent, Hank Johnson.  link

However, Cynthia McKinney’s camp says that type of incident only happened once, not multiple times as the passage above suggests:

When one McKinney voter realized too late that her intended vote had been switched by the voting machine to a McKinney opponent, the polling place official’s response was “she needs to let us know next time before she casts her ballot.” McKinney campaign officials want to know, what about this time?  link

Sounds to me like someone checked the wrong box, cast their ballot, realized they’d made a mistake, then said the machine did it.  Of course, I am aware that voting machines have had serious issues, but we can’t blame them everytime something doesn’t go our way or to cover for someone’s carelessness.

I can’t say I’m surprised at the closeness of the other Democratic races in Georgia.  We had a lot of great candidates, many who I know personally. 

Mark Taylor will be the Democratic candidate for Governor after defeating Cathy Cox in a very heated contest.  In the Lt. Governors race, Jim Martin and Greg Hecht are headed for a runoff. 


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