Tuesday morning notes of interest: Bush scares kids, Reed scares me, Rahm is da man!

The DCCC commercial?  The one that sat on the DCCC site for two months virtually unnoticed until the Republicans got the panties in a wad over it?

Bill Burton, the Democratic campaign committee’s spokesman, said the Republican criticism had boosted traffic for the short video. Until Thursday, only about 1 percent of visitors to the campaign committee had bothered to watch.

But that changed with the GOP complaints, he said, with “tens of thousands” of people clicking on the ad on Thursday. And thousands of them signed up to either contribute or volunteer for the Democratic campaign, he added. more…

Hmmm… now if I were Rahm Emanuel and wanted to raise a little awareness of that commercial, what would I do?  Well, knowing the Bush administration has fought to keep images of flag draped coffins out of the media for fear it would change minds about his Iraq war, I just might do something to create awareness of the commercial.  And then, after it was played on all the news shows and talk shows and everyone had downloaded it, I would put another commercial in its place on another important issue since new traffic was coming to the website.  I would do that IF I were Rahm Emanuel.

Thought you might like this:

Well, I voted this morning. I’m in a Republican dominated north Atlanta area so when I checked “Democratic” on the top of my voting slip, the poll worker looked at me sternly and said, “Are you sure this is correct?”

“Yessssss” I said with a smile.  “And proud.”

Despite all the negative ads coming from my side in the race for the nomination for Governor, its nothing like the intrique going on over on the Republican side for the Lt. Governor nomination.

According to Peach Pundit, a letter from 23 Georgia Republican State Senators is urging Georgia voters to vote for Casey Cagle over Ralph Reed.  A brave act indeed.  My only beef with it is that the letter didn’t explain in graphic detail what an absolute creep Ralph Reed is.

Tomorrow, I’ll give my impressions of today’s outcome in the major races.


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