Blogging around: David Sirota… exposed?

Here’s an interesting blog I ran across this morning – Lieberdem!  And already I’m finding some interesting bit of information on it.  For example:  One of the blog’s contributors has raised the ire of David Sirota (who haaaates Joe Lieberman) by revealing that he once sought jobs in Lieberman’s 2003 Presidential campaign and his Senate office. 

Yes, that’s right: the same guy who is viciously attacking Joe Lieberman as the great Satan of the Democratic Party actually sought not one but two jobs from the target of his hatred, and did so at time when all of the supposed sins that Sirota is attacking Lieberman for now were well known. The polite term for that would be chutzpah. Someone less charitable might call Sirota a fraud.

But the blog goes a bit further in exposing Sirota:

But in fairness to Sirota, he isn’t just attacking Lieberman. He has accused Bill Clinton and Barack Obama of being bad Democrats as well. That alone should resolve any question about Sirota’s qualifications for discerning what a mainstream Democrat is, be it in Connecticut or anywhere else.

I’ve had my own problems with David Sirota over the last several years mainly because he plays fast and loose with the facts, as Lieberdem demonstrates.  But Sirota’s knack for being a little on the dishonest side is well known among everyone who has paid attention.

During the heated battle to see who would be the Democrats’ senate candidate in Ohio, Sirota told a whopper about Paul Hackett.  And after he published one of several drafts of his “Debunking Centrism” piece, both Matthew Yglesias and Greg’s Opinion picked it apart.  In fact, the more I read about David Sirota, the more I believe he is the left’s answer to Ann Coulter.

On a lighter note, but not necessarily of lesser importance, congratulations to Cup O’ Joe on his successful move to Chicago.  He’s suffered through a lot of misfortune and tragedy in the last several years and decided to move on to greener pastures.


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