The “Progressive Purists” take aim at Hillary Clinton now

Sounding more and more like a faction bent on purging anyone who differs with them ideologically, the far left’s latest poster boy, Jonathan Tasini, will be delivering to the New York State board of elections in Albany, two to three times the number of signatures needed to qualify as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate primary in September. 

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with challenging an incumbent in a primary race.  But Tasini is taking a page from Ned Lamont’s book and speaking the language the netroots love to hear.  According to his campaign, “New York Democrats now have a real political choice between two competing visions for the future of the party: one with backbone and devotion to core principles and another based upon spin, polls, triangulation and the pursuit of power for its own sake.”


So without a single victory under their belts, the left (who like to call themselves “real Democrats”) are now taking on two of the Democratic party’s strongest voices – Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton.  Tasini’s campaing goes on to say, “Mrs. Clinton’s appeal, like that of her husband, Jay Leno or Britney Spears, is largely based on her status as a major celebrity. A celebrity’s carefully crafted image often belies the truth about them.”

Double ouch!

I believe most of us know what Bill Clinton’s appeal was and is, since we lived through 8 years of peace and prosperity thanks largly to him.

From an article by (I’m assuming) campaign worker Al Ronzoni, Jr:

So, now as the Tasini campaign rapidly shifts into campaign mode, one of our objectives will be to shine a little light on the political charade taking place in New York. Another will be to reinvigorate the Democratic party so that, if it ever actually takes power in Congress again, it will be far beyond cringing, equivocating positions on major issues and flaccid, meaningless slogans like “Together We Can Do Better.”

Mr. Ronzoni and Mr. Tasini.  You’re going to lose.  You’re going to lose big.  If, as you say, the Democratic party ever takes power in Congress again, it will be no thanks to your ilk.


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