NewsBusters Whining About Keith Olbermann’s “Liberal Bias.”

… His segment, titled “Worst Person in the World,” is a strong measure of the MSNBC host’s overwhelming bias against conservatives as the segment has served as a launchpad for attacks against conservative figures and positions at a dramatically greater rate than against the left. As reported by the latest Media Reality Check, by a staggeringly lopsided 8 to 1 margin, Olbermann has targeted conservatives, sometimes with substantial venom, while hitting a comparatively miniscule number of liberals.

Gee! Ya think? Do you feel MSNBC should be “fair and balanced” like FOX News?

Wonder what the ratio of liberal vs. conservative targeting is on Hannity and O’Reilly? Have you checked THAT?

From a comment on this story:

Isn’t it funny how people like DNC “Master of Puppets” Dean proclaim that the Government of George Bush keeps everything in secret and from the public; yet amidst news that is reported as is happens across the globe, and with leaks pouring out of Washington like Lake Ponchetrain Levee, that the DNC truly has identified it’s target market: Ill-informed and pathetically ignorant and stupid Americans, most of them poor, uneducated and wanting a father figure.

Stop! Your’re killing me!  This bit of hysterics comes from a Reagan supporter, no doubt!

Olbermann is clearly a Paid Hack, the type of person the DNC really needs, to keep feeding the mass of people who clearly avoid digesting the truth over some saucy appetizer called “headlines”.

There seems to be a growing belief that anyone who believes anything different than you is “paid” to say so by your enemies. Sad. 

In some circles, I get accused of being a “paid hack” of the DNC and/or DLC.  Do you you think I’d be worried about paying this month’s mortgage if I was getting paychecks from various levers of the party aparatus?


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