“I don’t want our guys getting used to shrimp and martinis”

Just like their cousins on the far right, the nutroots of the left provide their fair share of comic relief.  Check out this bit from a Salon article on the recent KOS fest in Vegas:

… there was Warner on Friday night, looking, as one blogger commented, like a cross between John Kennedy and Richie Cunningham of “Happy Days” as he danced between two Blues Brothers’ impersonators at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. At a reported cost of around $50,000, Warner had rented out the highest bar in Vegas to entertain the nearly 1,000 bloggers and online activists who were in town for YearlyKos, a conference sponsored by the largest online community of Democrats in the country…

…When he was done, about two-thirds of the audience gave him a standing ovation, many of them clearly impressed with his biography as a red state Democrat and high-tech executive. But dissension was also not far under the surface. Minutes after Warner stepped outside of the convention hall to answer questions from reporters and bloggers, Edward Anderson, a Connecticut blogger whose screen name is DeanFan84, confronted him with a broad-based concern. “Do you understand that a lot of us in the grass roots feel that the money could have been spent better?” Anderson asked the former governor, referring to the Friday night Warner party at the Stratosphere. “We don’t want to join the consultant class. I don’t want our guys getting used to shrimp and martinis.”

LOL! Shrimp and martinis?

I’m sure I’ll catch hell from the “commoners” here like “DeanFan84,” and be hit with all sorts of anti-Warner, anti-DLC bombs, but I find that “Shrimp and martini” line strikingly funny.

Perhaps DeanFan84 and “his guys” would have preferred their blogging cuisine of choice – Hot Pockets and beer?

And what of the cost of the KOS event itself?  It cost about $360. a person. http://www.yearlykos.org/register – not even including transportation, hotel stay, and meals (unless you live off the one provided lunch per day.)

With an estimated 900 in attendance we get $324,000.   Deanfan84 attended an expensive event in Vegas, no less, a city known for it’s excesses.  The event raised thousands of dollars.  Has Deanfan84 asked anyone where THAT money is being spent?  Yet, he’ll lecture Mark Warner, a Democrat who knows how to win in a RED STATE for not spending his money where the blogger believes it should go! LOL!


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