My reviews of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”

It wasn’t quite a Hollywood opening, but last night’s Atlanta sneak peak of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” attracted a fair share of dignitaries and celebrities. Among the crowd of state and county Democratic party members and officials were local politicians as well as former Senator Sam Nunn, Ted Turner, and Sean Penn.If you’ve followed the issue of Global Warming, the statistics and facts presented in the film will be nothing new to you. In fact, if you take only all the science and multiple graphs into consideration, “An Inconvenient Truth” plays pretty much like a better than average Discovery Channel documentary. Where “An Inconvenient Truth” ultimately succeeds is Al Gore. Mainly filmed before a live audience, Mr. Gore prowls the stage, explaining the reasons for and dangers of global warming.

Funny at times (the Simpsons-like cartoon) and tragic at times (the near death of his son), the former Vice President and winner of the popular vote in 2000 has a command of facts and articulation that our current President sadly lacks. Beyond just the issue at hand, we see through photographs and archived film how Gore was inspired by environmental issues in college, how he tried in vain to alert Congress in the 70s, and how the current presidential administration has edited and censored scientific data on global warming.

Mr. Gore leaves us with a plea: Tell everyone to see this movie. Drag your friends and family kicking and screaming. And get involved.

After the movie, I realized just how much I really missed the reality-based administration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. And I secretly hoped Sean Penn would jump up and yell, “Awesome! Totally awesome! Alright, Gore!”

There was a live Q&A with Gore after the movie ended and I know the burning question on everyone’s mind. And it was asked first.

“Mr. Gore, will you be running for president again?”

Gore’s response: “I’m a recovering politician on about level 9. But thank you for your sentiment.”

He didn’t say no….


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