I knew it would happen on Democratic Underground eventually

The Leftwing Finally Cracks Up. Calls Every Democrat Since FDR a “Republican.”

The question was asked – and it is a good one:

I’ve seen that statement, and variants on it, for quite some time now. The logic(?) of the statement is that Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were either conservative/centrist Democrats or did something so egregious as to be thought of as AntiDemocrats… Generally, this notion comes from the leftmost edge of the Democratic party, or from lefties who are not Democrats because they see the Democratic Party as not being leftward enough to suit them… I’m interested in people’s take on the notion that the country has been under Republican control since, essentially, the end of the FDR era, with Truman being a transitional president.

Anyone who actually believes this is suffering from severe delusions. They’re deluded about Democratic party history, traditional Democratic policies and principles, and politics in general.

They must actually believe that FDR and the Democrats who came before him were shining examples of public servants, including Woodrow Wilson, who created the doctrine of “liberal internationalism” that the left hates so much. And that every Democrat since FDR is some stealth Republican or (apparently worse) a centrist Democrat!

One has to wonder why the left would even want to associate with such a vile group of opportunists!


The New Faces of the Republican Party!

For sake of this blog, I have to quote The Magistrate. He sums it up much better than I, and without the biting sarcasm I unleash on such rubbish:

Another is the perennial brouha here about what constitutes a “real Democrat”, most of which is conducted along lines that bear very little relation with the actual states and history of the Democratic Party. The idea that figures like Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were not “real Democrats” is nothing but the punch-line to a very poor joke, although it is certainly true that they embraced many policies and ideas that some of our radicals today detest. But that latter is hardly an indication they were not “real Democrats”; rather, it is an indication that such radicals are somewhat out of step with the Democratic Party as a real institution and political force, as opposed to an ideal item they imagine not only to be fact, but to be wholly agreeable to them. The fact is that the Cold War was fought by Democrats as well as Republicans, and was a solid item of Democratic Party identity and policy in those days. The faction of the Democratic Party that opposed the Cold War had its politiocal trial with the campaign for President of Sec. Wallace in 1948, and failed utterly, gaining the votes of only a handful of people. What is repudiated at the polls by the overwhelming preponderance of Democratic voters cannot be the real face of the Democratic Party. It really is that simple.


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