Blogger Calls Out Moveon’s Hypocrisy on Hoyer

I believe, the often effective neoleft PAC, lost some marbles in the last several days when it was revealed they were raising money and running commercials to help defeat Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) for his yes vote on the bankruptcy bill. I suppose they want to chance a Republican winning? I dunno… BUT… this is the kind of neoleft litmus testing that keeps kicking the Democrats back into the dirt. Now, though, organizations like Moveon invest thousands of dollars to push through their agenda and if it it benefits Republicans that Moveon is sticking to their principles, well, so be it I guess!

However, a blogger has called out Moveon for their hypocrisy in this matter. It’s really an eye opener. Here are some quotes:

Moveon defended its attack on Steny Hoyer in an interview with Raw Story, saying, “It’s not acceptable for a Democratic leader to take
a position opposed to protecting the middle class.” Really? Then what does Moveon propose to do with the $833,000 recently raised for Sen Byrd? He voted for the bankruptcy bill as well.

Not only that, he voted to confirm Gale Norton and John Ashcroft. He voted against ending timber company subsides to build forest roads and has a 68% LCV rating.
He’s voted against numerous abortion bills and only has a 43% rating from NARAL.. He voted for DOMA and only recently came around to voting yes to adding sexual
orientation to hate crimes legislation.

Steny Hoyer, on the other hand, has a 100% NEA rating, 100% APHA rating, 100% NARAL rating and an 85% LCV rating, Steny Hoyer is responsible for the passage of
the Americans With Disabilities Act and has been fighting the weakening of the law since Bush took office. He gets it right a lot of the time…

So what is Moveon’s problem? Maybe it has more to do with egos and
the recent snubbing from some quarters. That couldn’t have gone down well after Moveon’s outlandish statement, “ Now it’s our Party: we bought it, we own it, and
we’re going to take it back.”

Funny how a few months changes everything, because today they said:

“We’re not the party,” he said, when asked about charges that the ads were poorly timed, “We are going to take positions on issues… before we
acknowledge any sort of notion of Democratic fealty.”

Read more here.


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