Republicans have their panties in a wad of new Reagan movie

In a new movie, CBS portrays former president Reagan as mean, spiteful bigot. Good! They speak the truth.

According to the Drudge Report, The film depicts Nancy Reagan as a pill-popping control addict, who set the president’s schedule based on her astrologer’s advice and who had significant influence over White House personnel and policy decisions.

Also the truth. I remember the news items about that well.

It stresses Reagan’s moments of forgetfulness and his supposed opinions on AIDS and gays, [they were STRONG feelings to be sure!)

During a scene in which his wife pleads with him to help people battling AIDS, Reagan says resolutely, “They that live in sin shall die in sin” and refuses to discuss the issue further.

Hey, who remembers the famous Reagan “sand nigger” quote?

And Reagan as a homophobe? So it ain’t so! We would have never guessed it based on his words and deeds!

Speaking of the Reagan years, conservatives in general, and AIDS, the book Reagan’s America sums the AIDS epidemic up well in regards to Reagan:

Not only was AIDS mysterious, without a known cause, but it mainly affected “promiscuous homosex-uals,” which the New Right had been warning since Reagan’s election would be the cause of terrible disasters for America. The problem was, explained the National Review, that homosexuals had recently broken their pact with all of us to stay out of sight and not stir up our homosexual feelings. “Homosexuals committed to fighting openly for their civil liberties are asking for it,” they said.(43) Homosexuals who dared to demonstrate for more help for AIDS victims soon found themselves faced with anti-homosexual counter-demonstrations, with frightened, angry people carrying signs saying “DON’T DESTROY AMERICA WITH YOUR LUST.” Soon the fantasy that AIDS was contracted from “contaminated blood” spread around the country,(44) reaching the deepest fear anyone can have, a fear which goes all the way back to the time in the womb when each of us was actually poisoned from time to time by the inability of our own placenta to cleanse the waste in our bloodstream .(45) link

Let’s hope CBS doesn’t bow to the pressure of the republinazis and shows the true story of Saint Reagan.

Former weapons inspector exposes �Big Lie� of Iraqi WMD

Former United Nations chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter�s latest book, Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America, is a scathing critique of the Bush administration�s main pretext for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Excellent review here.

Voters Describe Ideal Nominee

Majorities of likely Democratic voters in three states with early primaries or caucuses say they prefer a presidential nominee who supported military action against Iraq but criticized President Bush for failing to assemble international support over a candidate who opposed military action from the beginning, according to new polls conducted by the liberal Democracy Corps.

The polls, taken in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, also show a Democratic electorate sharply divided over Bush’s request for $87 billion to fund military and reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the next year. Congress is preparing to vote on the president’s request this week.

The findings in the new polls suggest that the divisions over Iraq within the party are less clear-cut than some strategists and candidates believe, or that support for U.S. action to remove former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein from power is a serious handicap in the battle for the Democratic nomination.

Democrats surveyed in the three states also listed foreign policy and national security experience as the most important attribute they are looking for in selecting a nominee. They rated that characteristic over such other choices as experience in Congress, being a decorated combat veteran, being a Washington outsider or having a blue-collar background.

So, take this into account when considering the nine democratic candidates. link


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