Many soldiers, same letter!

Well, I’m sure by now you’ve seen this story. Its the same old rightwing propaganda ploy. First, you write a well articulated letter, then you have individuals send that letter in to newspapers with their name’s listed as the author.

In this instance, the letter is designed to give the impression that things are going well in Iraq. A Gannett News Service search found identical letters from different soldiers with the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, also known as “The Rock,” in 11 newspapers!

Here is an example. Here is another. And another.

This shouldn’t surprise you. You might recall (if you followed Rightwing Slayer last year) that there was a similar incident where over 20 identical letters signed by different people appeared in newspapers from Anchorage to Atlanta.

Oh, them silly silly republicans! BUSTED again!

Yep! Things are going so well in Iraq that the Army is investigating a rash of soldier suicides!

First, I’m not making a joke about this. I think it is terrible. But it kinda puts the above story into perspective, huh?

Alarmed by the number of suicides among soldiers in Iraq, the Army has asked a team of doctors to determine whether the stress of combat and long deployments is contributing to the deaths.

“The number of suicides has caused the Army to be concerned,” said Lt. Col. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, a psychiatrist at the Army’s Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. Ritchie is helping to investigate the suicides in Iraq. ” Is there something different going on in Iraq that we really need to pay attention to?”



Monkeys Control Robotic Arm With Brain Implants

Ooh! Check this one out:

Scientists in North Carolina have built a brain implant that lets monkeys control a robotic arm with their thoughts, marking the first time that mental intentions have been harnessed to move a mechanical object.


Well, this story has it wrong! I know on good authority that this technology was developed deep inside a republican think tank in the year 2000!

E-mail E-mail!!

I am so glad to see your back in track. I honestly thought something had happened to you (either “they” had killed you, or you had killed yourself eating too much fast food writing your blog). Anyway, keep up the good job…

greetings from brussels, belgium (the “chocolate makers” – and we’re damn good at it too!), “old europe”


Yo, Jamie! Happy to be back!

Welcome back. The Repugs need some serious smacking and your timing is excellent.


Hey, Mark! I intend to do all I can do!

Glad to see that you are back! You are so good at what you do with this site. I am sure there are many of us out there who pleased with your return.

Can’t wait to keep up with the site again.


Everyone, meet Heather. She’s on my payroll. (Just kidding!)

Boost your penis size overnight! We guarantee our doctor approved pills will enlarge, harden, and stop premature ejaculation or your money back!

Edna Miller

Edna, you been talking to my wife?

The Daily Mislead – Bush Tried to Take Funds from Military School Kids to Pay for Iraqi-Afghan Policies

President Bush attempted to slash money from the program that pays to educate the children of military men and women even while saying, “Our men and women in uniform give America their best and we owe them our support.”

At the same time the President lauded the “great courage” of the soldiers he sent to Iraq, he requested major cuts in the Impact Aid program that provides funds for the schooling of the 900,0004 children of military families. Bush tried to take $172 million from Impact Aid and shortchange its funding by $583 million under the No Child Left Behind Act. The cutbacks would have directly affected children of troops currently deployed in Iraq.

The cutbacks were part of Bush’s budgetary effort to find $87 billion for his policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, which include $40 million for school programs to benefit Iraqi children.

Congress defied the President on his cutbacks, however. The House added $223 million to Impact Aid, and the Senate slightly less. Apparently, Bush will accept the funding rather than resort to a veto. Link

BUSH CLASS GOVERNMENT- BY GREED By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence

The Bush Class is best thought of in economic terms as the wealthiest 1% of the American public. The Bush Class is a convenient way of describing the politically active Republican Right Wing element that dominates this group. The Bush Class designs political programs, policies and procedures as ways of increasing the wealth and power of their group. In political terms, the group is self-servicing- and economically powerful! Money has given the Bush Class control of most major media outlets (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines), political organizations, think tanks, universities, publishing companies, our large corporations and, for the most part, our government.

Under George W. Bush, the Bush Class has been in a feeding frenzy at the expense of the public treasury. They have been gorging themselves on the taxpayers?’ dollars. Bush Republicans have completely turned against the traditional conservative devotion to a balanced federal budget. They now seek massive private profit for themselves from the federal treasury. They gave themselves massive income, capital gains and inheritance tax cuts. Payroll income taxes (Social Security, Medicare, etc.), which are largely paid by the working poor and middle class Americans, were not cut. The Super Rich pay a lower percentage of their total income in payroll taxes than working Americans. The richer they are the lower the percentage they pay.

These tax cuts for the wealthy are largely made possible by borrowing from the Social Security Fund and by government borrowing back the same money (with interest) from the Super Rich.

The Bush Class has used the War on Terrorism and the conflict in Iraq to steer government funds into the hands of their Corporate financial backers. ?“No bid?” contracts to Haliburton, large Republican campaign donors and firms involved in questionable voter purges call for Independent Federal Prosecutors and public Congressional hearings.

Efforts to break unions are rampant in this Republican Administration. Moves to privatize government services are designed to punish unions who oppose the Corporate political agenda and to reward Corporate backers with government money. Assaults on our national parks by timber, mining and oil interests are part of the Bush Class political agenda. The collapse of effective environmental and anti-monopoly regulation under the Bush Republicans will permanently hurt our environment and economy for the personal profit of a few.

OK, folks – more later!


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