…and so I’m back…. from outerspace… I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face…

Yep, ol’ slayer is about to make a comeback! So, have you missed me?

Contrary to widespread rumors, John Ashcroft didn’t arrest me and ship me off to Gitmo. At the end of May, I decided to take a break. A summer sabbatical if you will! I was burned out from all the Bush administration criminalities (is that a word? Did I use it right?) and just needed a little time off to take care of a few things – like find a REAL job! I’ve been doing freelance writing and webdesign since August of 2002. It pays the bills but not much else. So, did I accomplish that? Nooooooo! Still pecking away at my keyboard for peanuts. Though I am making more peanuts than I did before. I did become the media honcho for my local democratic party, though! Ain’t you guys proud of me? Pays ZERO but is wonderful resume fodder.

So my three month summer vacation evolved into 4 and 1/2 months. What did I do worthwhile during that time? I got myself BANNED from Democratic Underground – a feat that is easily accomplished if you know the site owners’ pet peeves.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

I’ve also solidified my choice for the Democratic presidential nomination – or “demnom” (I invented that word.) It is General Wesley Clark. Before any of the “further lefties than myself” bombards me with negative info on Clark, I’ve seen it all. Remember, I was a hardcore journalist in my prior career and I’m quite good at researching. In fact, I’ve seen the negative spin on several of the leading demnoms (a lot you haven’t seen yourselves) and it was based on that that I made my decision.

I’m also considering adding “comments” to this blog – a move I generally avoided previously because I didn’t want rightwing (or leftwing for that matter) extemist wackos filling the comments section up with useless whiney dumbass junk. So, think I should put comments in? Tell me here

Well, other than all that, I have a redesign of the blog and will be adding more features soon. I’m not sure if I’m going to update daily like I used to but I probably will just take the weekends off.

OK! REAL update tomorrow! I can’t wait! Isn’t this exciting?


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